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How to purchase magnetic turnstile ?
Easily place an order for regular items or tell us your requirements, our Customer Service will show you what to do. Keyable Technology Co., Ltd manufactures magnetic turnstile specifically and exclusively for your firm. All you need to do is share your ideas before purchasing and we will try our best to make it real. If you have any specific requirements or questions, consult our Customer Service. We are here to help.

Shenzhen Keyable Technology is a leading company that specializes in manufacturing Keyable. turnstile series manufactured by Keyable Technology include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. All raw materials of Keyable flap barrier turnstile are subjected to intense and systematic quality control in our factory. It has a standard IO interface for third-party access control system. The product offers wearers the freedom of movement. Besides, it is relatively elastic and offers enough rooms to better fit different figures. It supports different management systems, such as access control system, ticketing system, ESD tester system, etc.

Shenzhen Keyable Technology has been exerting its full strength to serve customers with the highest quality. Contact!
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