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How to let employees feel from the enterprise system of check on work attendance 'warm'

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
In attendance way with each passing day today, is there a more effective solution for enterprise, make attendance this reason & other; Cold & throughout; Become & other; Warm & throughout; Up to? Precise mobile attendance solution: 1, the docking salary: through attendance and information barriers between OA, salary system, realize the leave, overtime, deposit of compensatory and shift changes in real-time, automatic merge into the attendance report, to provide accurate results for payroll calculation, make compensation management more easily. 2, real time post human regulation: according to the preset rules will post personnel real-time anomaly and statistical reports, via text message way pushed to related managers, make the supervision more timely. 3, multidimensional dynamic human statistics: from jobs, jobs, departments, enterprises and partners, by the day, week, month and year cycle to provide multi-dimensional human, working hours statistics, as the basis of the human cost optimization, let the decision according to the can depend on. Performance of the red mobile attendance technical advantages: ( 1) Fusion of a variety of ways of check on work attendance: support the attendance machine ( Credit card, fingerprint and face recognition) With mobile phone, camera recognition, wearable devices, such as way using a mixture of check on work attendance, ensure all kinds of work scenarios for different type of work or function for data acquisition, attendance more human. ( 2) Data processing: artificial intelligence by artificial intelligence algorithm and model, to intelligent processing of acquisition of data, ensure the statistical analysis results are accurate, effective and sharply reduce workload of artificial participation, make the system more intelligent. ( 3) Support other management docking system: through standard, open API interface, support and other management system ( OA, HrM, compensation, ERP, etc. ) Two-way automatic data interaction, at the same time provide a unified account across system login, one key data synchronization between the system easier
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