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How to design the intelligent weak current project of the community? What systems are included?

by:Keyable     2021-08-03
How to design the intelligent weak current project of the community? What systems are included? 1. Community security system Community access control management system, monitoring system, and video intercom system are the key points of the entire intelligent security system to prevent Chengdu weak current projects; the camera on the door host of the video intercom system can be used as the front-end camera of the monitoring system; the entire system The combination of civil air defense and technical defense is adopted; the video image is stored in the community monitoring center, which can monitor in real time, and can also record and replay the Chengdu weak current project. 2. Building video intercom system The video intercom management system is composed of the management machine of the community, the wall machine, the door machine, the indoor machine, and the transmission bus constitute a visual intercom management network structure; it is managed in the households, the entrance of the unit building, and the community. An anti-theft door and intercom device are installed in the center to realize intercom between visitors and residents, and voice transmission between residents and the community management center; residents can remotely open the anti-theft door to effectively prevent illegal persons from entering the residential building; the door host can use keys or access control The card opens the anti-theft door lock; realizes voice intercom between the management center and the households in the Chengdu weak current project. Third, the network monitoring system residential area location layout: community entrance and exit monitoring, perimeter monitoring, unit door entrance and exit monitoring, underground parking lot vehicles and personnel monitoring, elevator car monitoring, elevator hall monitoring, community public area monitoring. Fourth, the license plate recognition parking lot management system is convenient and quick to read: no need to open the windows and doors, the effective recognition distance can reach more than 10 meters (depending on the demand). Fast recognition speed: As soon as the vehicle enters the magnetic field, the camera will immediately recognize the license plate number (within 1S), so as to release it immediately. The system runs 24 hours a day, with a correct recognition rate of 99%. Background management: Chengdu weak current projects with reliable storage space, effective automatic comparison and query technology. 5. Electronic patrol system The security precautions of residential quarters are established on the basis of physical defense, civil defense and technical defense, all of which are indispensable. As an effective civil air defense management system-electronic patrol system, the system scheme strives to patrol houses, perimeters and important parts. Patrol personnel conduct inspections according to designated routes. Establish a third line of defense for community security. 6. Perimeter prevention system The pulse electronic perimeter is set along the fence, and the range of the warning area is set at about 70 meters in principle. The combination of the alarm defense zone and the integrated dome camera's preset points will implement 24-hour real-time prevention of the Chengdu weak current project on the perimeter wall. 7. Smart Home System 7.1 The indoor anti-theft alarm system is forced to open the door, the infrared detector of the human body will alarm and the user will receive the alarm information; the user can install a camera in the home to monitor the home dynamics in real time in the field. 7.2 Coal, water, and electricity shut-off system When there is an alarm for gas, water, or electricity, the relevant valves of coal, water, and electricity can be automatically closed; users can also close the relevant valves remotely to reduce the possibility of fire or explosion. 7.3 Smart door lock system You can enter the room through smart door lock systems such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, X-ray recognition, vein recognition, etc.; if the owner is not at home, when a guest visits, you can open the door remotely after confirming the identity. After entering the room, the relevant disarming operation is automatically carried out. 7.4 Indoor Fire Fighting System The user's house is equipped with a Yihong smoke sensor system. When a fire occurs, the smoke sensor will give an alarm and send an alarm message to the user through the Yihong smart home server. Chengdu Weak Current Project.
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