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How to correctly choose entrance guard controller and access control card reader

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
Access control card reader is an important part of entrance guard system, is the key to the entrance guard system signal input device. Below cornyn security for everybody introduction of entrance guard card reader points of choose and buy. Note 1: the choose and buy is domestic card reader or imported card reader? The real import card reader, mature technology, low repair rate of the product, exquisite appearance design is able to bear or endure look. The disadvantage is that: the product is expensive, not domestic card reader service in a timely manner, supporting the use of the brand and must import induction card, import induction card is also more expensive. Unless specified by the customer to use an import brand of card reader, the author recommend the use of domestic card reader, but must choose domestic credit and service quality are good manufacturers provide card reader. Domestic card reader appearance also have great progress over the past two years, keep up with the international pop style. Import the card reader is domestic card reader price 6 - 10 times, import card price is 10 - homemade CARDS 20 times. Domestic core chip card reader and CARDS are using foreign rf chip processing, also do not have the chips in the field of domestic development and production capacity. Import card reader suggested using CL - DR01W series card reader and CL - DR01WK card reader series, relative price will be better. Many Chinese card reader casually with a foreign brand does not exist, a country origin so-and-so, or has a false certificate of origin, there are many things that hang sheep head sell vinegar, engineering contractor to pay more attention to. Don't spend the money, also didn't buy a good product, to a lot of trouble. Note 2: the purchase in accordance with international standards of Wiegand26bit card reader rf card reader now internationally accepted standard interface protocols is Wiegand26bit, some domestic and Taiwan card reader with 485 or ABA magnetic stripe format. Wiegand26 or other bit digit, the author recommended the card reader, card reader such as IndalaHID import all comply with the agreement, no matter domestic or imported controller almost 99% are subject to the agreement, if the non standard interface protocol for the system upgrade and maintenance of great compatibility issues, also do not recommend you purchase a variety of output formats of the card reader, avoid to use when cause disorder. Multiple output formats of the card reader is only manufacturer for saving the cost of development process of commercial terms for the Settings, is not really powerful. Adopt international standard wiegand26 card reader for your system's stability and future replacement card reader upgrade maintenance bring great convenience. Note 3: use ID card reader or IC card reader? ID card reader is commonly known as read-only non-contact IC card, IC card reader is readable writable contactless IC card. ID card and ID card reader price performance ratio and induction distance is better than the IC card and IC card reader. If only one cartoon for access control and attendance or parking lot, it is recommended to use ID card reader and the induction card. If need to be compatible with the quota consumption multi-purpose card can use IC card reader and the induction card. Note 4: don't just from the appearance to judge the quality of the domestic card reader. Public mould, USES mostly domestic card reader or copying foreign reader appearance. Mold is universal, anyone can buy shell, so even if the same appearance of the reader may be produced in different manufacturers, service and quality is not the same. Engineering contractor must have a detailed knowledge of card reader, don't just tell from appearance and price. Suggested project traders buy from buying entrance guard controller card reader, the general form a complete set of entrance guard controller manufacturers will either sales or production and quality standards of similar card reader. So, how to judge the quality of a card reader? Well-off think, some domestic card reader in pursuit of low production cost, replace rf base station chip with analog circuit, the card reader running current is big, easy to crash or damaged, is not recommended to choose. Suggest using U2270B of imported rf base station chip card reader will be better. Of course, also from your previous purchase manufacturer of card reader of the use of more than half of time and the repair rate and the manufacturer's quality standard and word of mouth to judge. In addition, the card reader is a kind of equipment used for a long time, must have anti freezes in the design of circuit, it also should pay attention to. Note 5: whether or not they choose sealant sealant for card reader? No sealant for card reader is a suggested alternative. Reason is: even if the sealant, buzzer still bare outside, the water will damage the card reader. Sealant is the resin material used, domestic commonly used manual sealing glue, curing agent blend uneven, domestic resin material price cheap but quality is bad, can have conductivity after long time use, make reader chaos or crash, expensive domestic manufacturer generally reluctant to adopt imported resin, split to each reader to dozens of cost. Also, sealant become some manufacturer & other; FIG leaf & throughout; Poor PCB design process, to cover up, even will repair plate to seal glue for sale. In addition, the sealing glue is not suitable for cooling equipment, have an impact on the performance of the card reader is. So, generally there is no need to adopt the sealant unless special occasions card reader. Special occasions to some waterproof protection card reader. Above is access control card reader in the choose and buy, you can look at. Working principle of access control card reader and IC card reader of the principle is the same, when a credit card to the cardholder's information is to identify by card reader, and entrance guard controller is also according to read the information on to the next step work.
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