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How to connect the surveillance camera to the hard disk video recorder

by:Keyable     2021-07-31
How surveillance cameras are connected to hard disk video recorders. Surveillance systems play an increasingly important role in life, and the scope of surveillance applications is becoming wider and wider. Banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, factories, schools, communities, Internet cafes, public transportation and other public areas The need for surveillance is self-evident, and local public security agencies are increasingly relying on video surveillance to assist in solving crimes. With the construction of a safe city, surveillance systems are getting closer to our lives and playing its role. Chengdu Surveillance Installation Company . How does the surveillance camera connect to the hard disk video recorder? In layman's terms, it is connected through a signal line. The Chengdu Surveillance Installation Company specifically introduces the following: The early surveillance cameras used to transmit signals via coaxial cables. For short distances, 75-3 can be used. The coaxial cable connects to the VCR, and the long-distance coaxial cable can be used to connect the VCR. The general transmission distance of the coaxial line is 100-500 meters, depending on the thickness of the coaxial line. Note that the signal of the analog camera is afraid of interference, so the signal line of the camera should not be super close to high-voltage power lines or electrical appliances with strong signal interference. The current digital high-definition camera is connected to the video recorder through a network cable. The distance of the network cable should not exceed 100. If it exceeds 100, a switch is needed to extend the signal. Digital HD cameras are not afraid of signal interference. However, the transmission distance is a big bottleneck. Some of them can be transmitted over long distances through optical fibers. The optical fiber transceivers at both ends convert them into network cable signals and link them to the Chengdu Monitoring Installation Company of the hard disk video recorder. The purpose of installing monitoring is to better protect the safety of our property and to provide an opportunity to restore the scene in the event of disputes or disagreements. Installation monitoring is not used to infringe on the privacy of others, do not trust others, on the contrary, monitor only the villain , Regardless of the gentleman, create a safe environment for everyone. Chengdu Monitoring Installation Company.
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