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How to configure the power supplied by the power supply of the monitoring system project?

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
How to configure the power of the power supply of the monitoring system project? After we receive the monitoring project, we must first determine how many monitoring cameras to use, how many wires, how to supply power, how to wire, and so on. Today, we will discuss the technical issues of power configuration in Chengdu Weak Power. The more commonly used power supply methods include three types: PoE power supply, centralized power supply, and independent power supply. The front end of PoE power supply is generally a network camera, and a network cable is used to connect the network switch. Because the network camera itself needs power, a traditional camera is directly supplied with a power cable, and the network cable output in the POE power supply switch contains power and signals, so it is connected to the terminal Only one network cable is enough, but the network camera does not have the POE power receiving function recently, because the camera interface RJ45 interface is connected to the signal board, so it is embedded with the POE power receiving module, so that the power supply and signal can be distributed to the corresponding circuit Go to Chengdu weak current in the board. Centralized power supply is a method in which power equipment is installed in a power room or a weak electrical room, and the electrical energy is uniformly distributed through communication cables and then supplied to various devices. Centralized power supply can control and manage the power supply plan uniformly, and beautify the advantages of integrated wiring and routing. But the page has a defect, that is, the configured power supply needs to be properly, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble. Independent power supply generally means that the monitoring equipment gets power nearby. Short power lines will reduce the cost. However, each camera power line is not under the same management, so it is not convenient for management or maintenance. This is generally used in small monitoring, for example, 4 monitoring heads in the store can use independent power supply. Then the situation where the power supply configuration is required must be the case of centralized power supply, because the power supply of the centralized power supply of the surveillance camera is not simply the addition of the rated power of the camera. Because surveillance cameras are the same as other electronic equipment, the current will increase at the moment of startup, plus the current loss in the transmission line. In this way, the reasonable configuration of the power supply of the surveillance camera system will become a problem for many young and inexperienced engineers. , It will also encounter some actual schemes that the designed power capacity is not enough at the construction stage, and equipment needs to be added, which will increase the cost of the project.
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