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How to choose the canteens canteen machine

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
As a canteen contractor, in the face of various canteen machine brand, if you do not know how to start? If you feel a vacant? Do you think old partners are no longer useful? Do you want to pursue the metabolism, choose new products? When you choose to satisfactory products, how to use the product, after how to safeguard and management are satisfied? This a series of problems believe will arises spontaneously. Where is the answer? I known the answer for you! First of all, the use place. Choose satisfactory products, first of all, analyze the canteen consumer groups, is the school cafeteria? Factory canteen? Enterprises and institutions canteens? Second, canteen machine categories for selection. Exo canteen machine, desktop canteen machine; On the screen, a bit matrix LCD display, LCD display, digital tube display. Varieties, there are traditional canteen machine, to ensure jersey, for example, CZ - ZN990U canteen machine, CZ - series XFCT series canteen machine) Again, using the way of sex. From then on sexual said, wisdom particularly convenient dining tables. A complete set of wisdom consists of dining tables, tableware, card tables, through new self-help settlement mode, from a prepaid phone card, the dressed up to the counter and settlement of tableware, realize the whole restaurant from order to settlement of efficient and orderly; Worthy is particularly convenient. Fourth, practical. Whether traditional canteen machine, or new canteen machine, used in the school canteen, factory canteen, enterprises and institutions canteens, are fairly used, after all, the development of the product is developed for these users group. Fifth, inexpensive beautiful sex. Everyone loves to buy good and cheap products, for the canteen contractor, even more so. To ensure ze canteen machine as an example, CZ - ZN990U canteen machine adopts high-performance 32-bit RISC processors, and mass storage, increases the information storage, satisfy the customer demand for large storage capacity, on the price, will not exceed four digits. The CZ - XFCT canteen machine and CZ - series Compared ZN990U canteen machine, appearance, function, only have slight change the internal structure, becomes more cheap price. Called questions-deserving cheap and fine. Wisdom dining tables and canteen machine, which is the human wisdom crystallization, a counter, wisdom can not only is worth a dozen canteen machine, the employment, can also reduce the canteen in labor costs, to save. Only on the product itself, the price is expensive, on the basis of five digits. The canteen contractor, your choice, determine your dining room to taste and grade. Choose ze CZ - ZN990U or CZ - XFCT canteen machine series, you keep up with the fashion, the type 1 canteen machine to follow up the user habits and installation, divided into the wash machine, desktop. Removable keyboard, diverse display options ( Dot matrix LCD, segment LCD, digital tube) And bring the battery ( 5 hours standby time) , the standard USB interface, data acquisition more at ease. 2, the existence of canteen machine removes deal with cash, avoid the phenomenon of personal assets, this machine can use IC card to top-up consumption; More than 3, 1 million, zhang hairpin quantity and more than 40000 water mass storage; 4, consumption patterns: fixed value consumption, free consumption, number; Daily spending limit, time consumption quota, offline consumption time limit, etc, so as to improve the safety of the user card; 5, can be set for consumer groups, and specify the user card from different groups in the corresponding charging machine consumption; 6, available supporting management system set up the business hours, avoiding the phenomenon of leave early for dinner; Can also be set level consumption and discount, etc. ; 7, can switch into subsidies mode, receive subsidies function; 8, unless otherwise stated in the special parts, average trouble-free working time not less than 20000 hours; 9, can realize the recent swipes correction (20 times in a row Back to the credit card before) ; 10, equipped with high-performance processor and large capacity storage, a variety of standard communication interface and can read card module, high safety, display is simple and straightforward and generous, rich in content, greatly satisfy the customer's needs, can according to customer requirements at the same time, increase the project.
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