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How to choose a security monitoring system for Chengdu security monitoring?

by:Keyable     2021-08-03
How to choose a security monitoring system for Chengdu security monitoring? With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of the quality of life, the safety of our daily home has become an issue that we often pay attention to. Therefore, more and more security monitoring systems are installed in the home, and the current life also needs the protection of the security monitoring system. . How to choose a security monitoring system for Chengdu security monitoring? Pay attention to the following points when purchasing security monitoring: 1. Stability: Most monitoring systems are required to achieve 7*24 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation for a long time, and the average trouble-free running time is generally required to be at least 10,000 hours. Under this requirement, whether intelligent security monitoring products have high system stability is an important factor. 2. Illumination: For a monitoring system that works for a long time, the lighting conditions of the environment in which it is used are all changing. For outdoor video surveillance systems, cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, day and night, outdoor lighting conditions vary greatly, and factors such as strong light, reflection, backlight, and shadow are also included. As for the interior, although it is much simpler than the outdoor, there are also changes in lighting conditions caused by factors such as light and dark, turning on and off the lights, shadows, and people moving around. Achieving better monitoring performance under various lighting conditions has become one of the requirements of major smart security manufacturers. 3. Anti-blur: the focal length of the camera is drifting, that is, the focal length of the camera that is not moving for a long time will often have a certain deviation, and the original focal length value will no longer be maintained. The direct consequence of the deviation of the focal length is the video image blurry. The monitoring personnel cannot adjust the focal length of the camera at any time. Therefore, to achieve a better video analysis effect, a video analysis algorithm is required to analyze the blurred video signal effectively and accurately, that is, to maintain a better video based on the blurred video. Analyze the performance of Chengdu security monitoring. 4. Jitter: The installed camera cannot be static. For some application fields, such as the transportation industry, there are many factors that will cause the camera to slightly jitter (such as passing a car next to you, or a strong wind, etc.). The jitter of the camera is reflected in the video, which is the continuous jitter of the field of view, and the video analysis technology of intelligent security monitoring is to realize the positioning and tracking of the target from the video. 5. After-sales service: Intelligent security monitoring products are highly professional during installation and debugging, and often require professional technical personnel to debug, and the parameters are specified according to the actual use environment. Therefore, users should also consider the product when choosing smart security. The technical support and after-sales service of Chengdu Security Monitoring.
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