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How to budget the cost of Chengdu integrated wiring media

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
How to budget for the cost of Chengdu cabling media 1. Special media is more expensive than shared media. The cost of an integrated wiring system is much higher than that of a shared coaxial cable system. Although the price per unit length of unshielded twisted pair is lower than that of coaxial cable, the required cable K is far greater than that of coaxial cable, because each device has a dedicated cable leading from the T. work area to the wiring closet. 'Internal routing' cables. These costs can be more than ten times higher than the cost of the cable itself. After increasing the cost of cable installation, the cost of a local area network based on Chengdu's integrated wiring is far greater than the cost of using a shared media system. 2. The cost of a local area network based on Kidding's special medium is much more expensive than that based on a shared medium. In a shared medium system, no hub device is required, and the use of integrated wiring always requires some kind of hub. For high-speed communication systems, unshielded twisted pair is not the best transmission medium. Most integrated cabling systems use non-screened twisted pairs in horizontal cabling. If you consider cost, ease of installation, size and weight, and the supply of general tools and connectors, unshielded twisted pair is a good choice. But when choosing the basic transmission medium for the high-speed communication system, the non-shielded twisted pair is no longer an ideal choice. The approved modern Category 5 unshielded twisted-pair cables have much better performance than earlier cables, especially uncontrolled telephone lines before the 1980s. However, it is still difficult to design the Chengdu integrated wiring of a communication system that runs several white megabytes of data per second on a 100 rri twisted pair cable. If a coaxial cable is used, the design difficulty is much lower than that of a system based on unshielded twisted pair, thereby reducing equipment costs. However, the benefits of using an integrated wiring system based on unshielded twisted-pair cables to users outweigh any cost or performance disadvantages. In a large-scale office automation environment, its advantages are more obvious. Chengdu integrated wiring.
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