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How to Accentuate Your Property's Trees

by:Keyable     2020-06-05
Trees, no matter what kind they are, are an asset to any yard. When you landscape, accentuating the trees already on the property can make them stand out and make your yard look attractive and well-maintained. There are a number of ways that homeowners can accentuate their trees, but they must also make sure they the landscaping methods they use to accentuate their trees do not damage the trees. Mulch A mulched area around your trees can give your yard a neat and tidy look. If you have more than one tree in your yard, having the same barrier and mulch edging around each can also help your yard look symmetric and seamless. However, putting mulch around some trees can actually be harmful to them. Mulch can cause rot in the trunks of some trees because they draw moisture to this area, which should usually be kept dry. You should research the type of trees you have before you use mulch, but if you find that you can't put mulch around the trees in your yard, you can typically use stones. Edging Paired with mulch or alone, edging is a great way to accentuate the trees in your yard. Edging is attractive and draws the viewer's eye to the tree. Additionally, there are many types of edging that you can use, so you can be sure to find a type that will go with your home and yard's decor. For example, some people choose edging in neutral colors while other choose bricks and stone. Yard Features If you have yard features like children's toys, furniture or a gazebo, you can accentuate your yard's trees by arranging these features in a way that incorporates and does not exclude the tree. For example, if you have a children's swing set in your front yard, put it next to a tree and hang a rope swing or build a tree house to make the tree part of the children's play area. Minimalism If you want to accentuate the trees in your yard, you should be careful of the other types of landscaping you do. This doesn't mean that you can't include any other types of landscaping if you want your trees to stand out, but you probably shouldn't have shrubs, a flower garden, a fountain and a boarder with flowering plants. If you want your trees to stand out, try to keep your other landscaping elements minimal and understated. Having flowers, for instance, is fine, but you may want to keep them around the house's perimeter or incorporate them into the yard design in such a way that your tree is included. For example, if you have a flowering vine you could encourage it to climb the tree. Like always, however, you must ensure the flowers you choose and their location will not harm the tree.
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