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How much is a set of entrance guard system

by:Keyable     2020-06-27
“ Install a set of entrance guard system need how many money? ” Many clients often ask ce ze company, the question for everyone to do a simple explanation. Popular point, our current entrance guard system about in several categories: 1, fingerprint access control system ( A kind of biometric access control, security is higher) 2, the induction card entrance guard system ( The ID card, IC card, CPU card, etc. , and also can be used and password combination) 3, face recognition entrance guard system ( A kind of biometric access control systems, technology is relatively mature, safe) 4, voice print and other biometric access system so we can be installed in the entrance guard system, should know, what we need to install the identification of entrance guard system. After knowing about classification of entrance guard system, we need to know where to install the entrance guard system, what is the door, glass double swing door open? Or metal iron door? Or wood door in the office? Because the entrance guard system is not a single product, he need according to your different doors equipped with electric lock, electric plug locks, magnetic locks, electric control lock, etc. Then consider whether you need your entrance guard system with the function of check on work attendance, which means of entrance guard card can also record attendance data, but also has a lot of units need only one of the most simple of entrance guard system, credit card or fingerprint can open the door, do not need to check on work attendance, the us is another matter. And we the entrance guard system is to consider the communication way, with 485 communications, or to support the TCP/IP network communications. After all these above understanding, we can probably determine what kind of entrance guard system, need to configure a product identified, the price is good. A set of entrance guard system from several hundred to several thousand yuan, even tens of thousands of yuan.
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