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How much does it cost to install monitoring? How to charge?

by:Keyable     2021-08-04
How much does it cost to install monitoring? How to charge? Monitoring quotation has always been a question often asked by friends with weak currents, because after all, every project is different, and the way of quotation is different. Here, the weak current gentleman will talk to you about monitoring quotations and recommend this article to everyone. 1. Monitoring and installation We generally charge two types: the first one is calculated by point, which is aimed at small-scale monitoring projects. The second type for large-scale monitoring projects can be based on the percentage of equipment, generally we take about 15%-30%, the larger the project, the smaller the proportion. Small-scale construction requirements are not strict for a point between 300 and 400. If the standard construction process, the main materials such as cables and other materials will not be less than 400 per point, some difficult constructions have to be averaged to more than 500 yuan or even higher. The current national standard of camera installation is between 70~80, bracket installation is 30~40, manual lens also includes lens debugging, as for split debugging, the overall debugging can be ignored. Cable laying varies according to the type of wire diameter and pipeline, the general line is 250~300 yuan/100 meters. If it is too high (above 5 meters), 3~4% will be added to the labor cost, and the high-level will have to increase the cost. Second, let's talk about the selection of monitoring equipment 1. After determining the installation location, calculate the number of cameras to be installed. The sharpness of the camera and the need for night vision are all distinguishing prices. The resolution requirement is not high, and night vision function is not required. According to the quality, the price of the general camera needs about 200-300 yuan, and the more demanding camera may cost about 300-600 yuan. 2. Choose to install a hard disk video recorder to store and control the information collected by the camera. It is generally not recommended to use a computer to directly install a monitoring card, because the camera needs to be used for 24 hours, and the computer must be turned on 24 hours, which is not good for computer heat dissipation and virus prevention and control. It is recommended to install a hard disk video recorder. There are many hard disk brands to choose from, ranging from 100 to 700 yuan, Dahua, Hikvision, etc., you can choose according to your needs. Remember to distinguish between on-site monitoring and network monitoring, so it is necessary to determine whether to choose a hard disk video recorder with network functions. 3. The price range of monitors is wider. There are many TV and computer manufacturers. The quality, size, and resolution of monitors are diversified, and they are determined completely according to personal preferences and needs. A general monitor can be settled with more than 700 yuan, and a large screen monitor with dozens of inches may have a price difference of several thousand yuan depending on the brand! 4. The choice of route is also a factor that affects the price. You can use direct wiring or wireless routing. Of course, wireless is more expensive, and the transmitted signal is easily affected by physical factors, so direct wiring is recommended. Determine the cable length according to the actual use situation. Brand and quality also determine the price, generally around 200-400 can be settled. 5. In the end, it depends on whether you need to install it yourself or you need to hire a worker to install it. This is another cost. Generally, the installation fee needs about 300-400 per point. Chengdu Surveillance Installation Company--Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates Sichuan and Chengdu surveillance system installation and maintenance, monitoring equipment, camera camera installation, home security monitoring, access control systems, weak current engineering, integrated wiring, video surveillance, alarm systems, and anti-theft A multi-faceted technical service company integrating systems and smart homes, to provide you with satisfactory solutions. Welcome to inquire!
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