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How much do you know about the development direction of the intelligent parking system?

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
With the increase in the number of household vehicles, we often face problems such as no place to park. Smart parking systems can greatly solve this problem for people. However, smart parking systems are lagging behind in the market, so how will smart parking systems develop in the future? ? The following Chengdu Security Monitoring System Company will share the relevant knowledge for everyone. Unmanned, the backward development of static traffic has become an obstacle to urban dynamic traffic. At present, experts at home and abroad have put forward the theory of 'combining dynamic and static and braking with static' to solve dynamic traffic, and it has achieved initial results in practice. In the future, the static traffic intelligence market and the dynamic traffic intelligence market should be equally divided. The development prospects of the static traffic intelligence market are very great. Humanization, in the design of the parking lot intelligent management system, engineering developers are more concerned with convenience and vehicle personnel safety. The humanized design of the parking lot management system is mainly reflected in the following points. 1. The interaction and interactivity of humans and machines have been enhanced. For example, the mobile phone short message linkage and mobile phone all-in-one card can be realized on the card reader. 2. Platform-based products or business models based on joint ventures will appear. For example, consumption discount management, VIP points management, etc. 3. Multimedia information release and display. Based on the precise guidance of parking spaces, it can not only directly display the location of vacant parking spaces, but also help drivers find parking spaces quickly. Customization, according to the different service objects of the parking lot, the parking lot can be divided into public parking lot, equipped parking lot and special parking lot. Parking lots in different application areas have different requirements for system software and hardware. In addition, for special places, such as government agencies and corporate factories, vehicle entry and exit management is required to be associated with the vehicle's daily dispatch management system; military, security, and aerospace secret-related units require higher security management for special vehicles And emergency response mechanism. Whether it is card reading, vehicle capture, lane monitoring, and cash settlement of toll collectors, there are different requirements. Therefore, users hope that the development of the parking lot management system can meet the needs of users as the main line. Manufacturers can choose according to different user groups. Targeted solutions. Pry a fulcrum of the parking intelligent management system. Therefore, the security products of parking lots need not only a management system that can support the above-mentioned functions, but also target the application fields of various parking markets. Therefore, customized services have increasingly become a major trend in the development of intelligent parking management systems. The above is related to the development direction of the intelligent parking system. If you have more questions about the security monitoring system, the editor recommends consulting Chengdu Ruiminle Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a comprehensive weak current project design, installation, and service. A high-tech entity enterprise that has been signed by relevant provinces and cities and has the right to operate. The company wholeheartedly provides smart card products for local enterprises, enterprises and institutions, hotels and office buildings, school hospitals, factory 4S shops, villa communities, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurant chains and other small and medium-sized enterprises: canteen sales system, member consumption management system, parking lot fee Management system, computer room management system, gymnasium management system, library management system, etc., water control management system, electronic control management system, access control system, attendance system, elevator card swiping control system, electronic control management system, etc. Security products: anti-theft alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control intercom systems, fire protection systems, intelligent transportation, public broadcasting, information security, biometrics, three-meter copy system consulting, design, construction, maintenance and other services.
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