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How much a fingerprint entrance guard, the manufacturer is best

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Door machine is a relatively new & other; Door lock & throughout; 。 Its main function is to realize the intelligent electronic management of inward and outward. The entrance guard machine is mainly divided into: fingerprint access control machine, the ID card access control machine, face recognition entrance guard, iris recognition entrance guard of nearly 10 kinds of door machine. And time on the fingerprint access control machine whether in sales or in entrance guard machine firmly occupied & other; Big brother & throughout; The location of the. But what is the fingerprint access control machine? It has what function? How it worked? Fingerprint access control machine is a new type of & other; Door lock & throughout; , and the key to the door no longer is the key to our traditionally, but our fingerprints. So, fingerprint access control machine is a new type of access control management of electronic equipment, it by identifying human fingerprints are come out against access to records, in and out of the release or reject operations such as a kind of intelligent electronic management system. Fingerprint access control machine as a gateway management equipment, it has advantages and characteristic of traditional locks don't have. Fingerprint human biometric fingerprint access control machine is used to identify identity in and out of the personnel and the personnel in and out of control and make in and out of the record. When to open or lock, we just need to be harvested a finger into the fingerprint identification, can do the door lock. Simple operation is convenient. And fingerprints will be collected is unable to complete the lock the door. So the fingerprint access control machine has the characteristic of uniqueness and irreplaceability. Completely overcome the traditional locks with key lost, stolen, etc. But fingerprint access control machine also has a fault, is that if we were to collect finger fingerprint injuries, we will not be able to open the door lock. Fingerprint access control machine is mainly composed of microprocessor, fingerprint identification module, real time chip ( Real time clock chip, chip or real-time calendar) , liquid crystal display module, real time chip and electronic locks and power supply, etc. The microprocessor and fingerprint identification module of the control of the fingerprint access control machine & other; Throughout the brain &; , along with other components work together jointly completed for inward and outward safety management work. With the constant improvement of the people safety awareness as well as the unit of each big enterprise attendance record of the improvement of intelligent, fingerprint access control machine has become more and more popular. But what is the price of a set of fingerprint access control machine? For decorating small make up made a market survey, wait for the results. Fingerprint access control machine floating is bigger, the price of a minimum of one hundred or two hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan a range, more popular price in one thousand yuan commonly. So we at the time of purchase according to their own needs and economic conditions to buy, choose the most appropriate and best cost performance of the fingerprint access control machine is the best purchase choice.
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