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Hidden dangers and the development direction of biometric access control system

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Although fingerprint, palm, iris biometric access not only to the security, convenience, manageability, etc, all have their own expertise, but fingerprinting method itself there are serious security hidden danger mainly reflected on the outside of the human body's biological characteristics are more likely to be copied. Biometric access control system to the environment demand is high, the humidity, cleanliness, etc, are all very sensitive finger, dirty, oil and water will be formed to identify or affect the recognition results; Someone or some groups of fingerprint features less, and even without fingerprints, so difficult to imaging; About the peeling, there are scars such as low quality fingerprint identification difficult, low identification rate of doubt, about some hand calluses more brawn laborer to some special groups, such as registration and to identify the difficult; Fingerprint cannot render scratch swelling bleeding, face, eyes can't present situation such as fenghua, and even the beard how much will affect the identification accuracy and sensitivity. With the development of society and the acceleration of the pace of life, building hall, library and other public traffic is more and more big, the manipulation of these occasions of normal operation and ensure the safety of the public becomes an important task of management organization. From the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, China had billions of people, entrance card holdings is considerable, follow the trend of energy conservation, environmental protection and new request, entrance guard system should have the new set up and break is the point. How to medical science, biology, to identify the energy advantage and traditional advantage of access control card, this is the security entrance guard company needs to consider the entrance guard system development direction. Guangzhou door installation company in the entrance guard system has accumulated nearly more than 10 years of experience, research and development of the Czech shing IC card entrance guard system, the system of entrance guard problems for it's easier to make the explicit solution, and carried out a series of solutions, security configuration configuration entrance guard system chit shing is your choice. Above is potential biometric access control system and the development of relevant information, more information please click on the product information of the drop-down door columns to understand, detailed product information, please click on the drop-down door columns to view the product center.
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