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Hefei installed intelligent entrance guard z and a village gate system captured data access to the public security system

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Old community security, has been to rc, police and other residents, property management, club side headache & other; Event & throughout; 。 Yao area to indicate pavilions, pry stolen vehicles, electric vehicle theft cases. Recently, the area in the city's police initiative & other; Of the house of wisdom & throughout; Entrance guard system, the system can automatically capture all the people in and out of the cell door, and connected to the public security system, enabling the police to crack down on crime. Through the efforts of the past, at present this village had greatly reduced, deter the criminal motive. According to hefei public security bureau chief huai yu-shan xu is introduced, the local police station police qilixiang pavilions village because the tenant is more, and the floating population is more, often occur burglary pry stolen vehicles, theft, burglary, electric cars and other cases. Yu-shan xu said, after four years of study, he in the city take the lead in creating & other; Of the house of wisdom & throughout; System, the use of technical means, let each in and out of the unit are recorded by the system. “ Unlock and call the moment at a time, there can be captured, 5 - Within 10 meters, someone, will be induction unit gate to subsequent paparazzi photos. ” Yu-shan xu, after snapping photos into the public security system, the police can through the intelligent analysis, data comparison, suspicious personnel selection, criminal information, help the police timely monitor and prepare ahead of time, the jurisdiction of the security rating by one step. The security level raised, so the safety of the system? Will not cause the leakage of personal information? Yu-shan xu, capture the system information, and to collect all the information encryption, and only provided to the public security department, & other; Property has no right to get this information & throughout; , thus greatly limits to the protection of the personal information of citizens will not leak. Now, after half a year's current situation, the village quite sharply cut, only 5 cases this year half a year, and all solved effectively deter criminals. Intelligent residential area of nanjing entrance guard control system solutions for building automation system include: entrance guard control system, central air conditioning monitoring and measuring the billing system, fire alarm and fire control system, parking management system, etc! This system mainly through the network way of front-end acquisition devices ( Data acquisition or control module) For data collection and management. Building entrance guard control system is carried out on the inward and outward channels control system, involved in computer technology, communication technology to prevent the foreign staff unknown enter and realize effective management of safety and wide application, play an important role for the property management company. Due to the RS - 485 bus USES simple, convenient and easy to use, quite a part of the entrance guard control system using data transmission line using RS - 485 bus as a transmission line. For the same apartment building in the area, using RS - 485 bus is enough, but different floors even distant monitoring for unified management, must use the Internet for data transmission. Method: are the front-end data acquisition and control module ( Interface RS232 or RS485) Through the UT utek technology - 6601 RS485 turn transparent TCP/IP Ethernet access to data, the total control room server through the random distribution of various building serial port server, virtual serial port software management via a serial port server, can directly control room to manage different building area of entrance guard control system, so as to realize room PC to the towering buildings more network monitoring and management.
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