Guangzhou video software system choose six points

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Relative to hardware video conference, video conference software is also a good choice, software video conference can be used anywhere, anytime, even with 3 g wireless network, the user as long as there is a laptop, a pair of headphones, a camera that video conference meeting. There are all kinds of remote video conferencing software on the choice, the enterprises in the choice according to the situation when you need to make a decision. One, the system is stable, safe and reliable video system is a real-time system, spread information at the same time also has high confidentiality, so in the group meeting, stable, safe and reliable operation of the system to become the most basic requirements. Second, superior product quality high-definition chang video conferencing product quality must be high. Three collaboration capabilities, rich data video conference outside of the audio and video communication should have strong ability of data interaction, can achieve the desktop sharing, document sharing, web collaborative browsing, application sharing, electronic whiteboard, file transfer, text chat, and other data function. Four, network adaptability remote video conference system is designed according to the need of long-distance space, so the condition of data communication, determines the video system is good or bad. Requires good voice quality, absolutely continuous audio, image is clear, no Mosaic and abnormal phenomenon. Five, compatibility, video conference system has good compatibility with the need, in addition to its own version upgrades have compatibility and consideration, also need connectivity with other brands of audio and video signals. Six management function, perfect meeting video conference system is a Shared platform, it must be done to allow the user to a few minutes to get started meeting tool, not just to the use of professional and technical personnel system, the system is simple and easy to use product development direction.
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