Guangzhou video monitoring system, security system gradually into the families

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Some time ago, coincided with & other; 11 & throughout; National Day holiday, many people choose to hang out, city public security bureau 110 call center has become busy, connected with the public security department of home security system alarm information coming from time to time. Sources close to the situation in recent years, with the development of smart home, home security has become a new consumption hotspot. Security is not only a product family, but also a new way of life. During the National Day alarm center called busy as living standards improve, more and more families will be safe as a family, the first thing to do. Reporters recently visited found that some of the new district in our city, a lot of more or less, the family installed home security system. Ms jiang in PiaoYuan see neighbours are fitted with a security system, has also contacted the security company of zhenjiang city, ready to install infrared security system. “ Many neighbors are fitted with a security system, I feel quite practical, and after consulting the also ready to be packed in a set. ” Ms jiang said, & other; Then weigh repeatedly, going to cover the infrared induction at home security systems. ” Finally, before the National Day, Ms. Jiang home installed the security system. Ms jiang said during the National Day, a hang out when received two call from 110 command center, asked whether, after police immediately have jurisdiction of a police police police. “ Later feedback message is, is a cleaning maid to clean the door, the door, one is parents this security system is also really quick. ” Ms jiang said. Yesterday, the reporter to contact the relevant person in charge of security company Mr Zong of zhenjiang city. Mr Zong, in recent years, in the home to install security system of family more and more, also more and more high to the requirement of security systems. During the National Day 110 alarm center every day can received dozens of such alarm message. What is connected to the alarm system? Now, what are the family security system? Guangzhou company introduction video monitoring system, the mainstream of home security system mainly include smart door locks, door magnetic invasion, infrared detectors, intelligent camera, etc. Before, they installed mainly by infrared intrusion detectors, & other; Throughout 110 networking alarm &; Home security system is habitually called, actually called area networking alarm system, is a kind of & other; Civil air defense, dimension, technology & throughout; Combination of security system, which has been widely applied, for family, shop, warehouse, unit provide security services. Internet users need to install a set of matching with networking alarm center alarm device, in the condition of fortification, installed in door, window, channel sensing detector when triggered, sound alarm host alarm immediately, and send alarm signal to the networking alarm platform, platform computer system automatically alarm, display alarm azimuth, and pop up detailed address, user name, contact information. Alarm center inform jurisdiction security forces ( Including the nearest police patrol police, the nearest police station) And Internet users, police station received instructions to arrange personnel ChuJing, protect the security of the network user's property.
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