Guangzhou new low-cost entrance guard system hardware is introduced

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic and information technology, the entrance guard system has been widely applied in personnel and material in and out management, property management, building a garage. Entrance guard system as a kind of security measures, can have good isolation effect, to prevent unauthorized personnel and vehicles into the outside world, the safety management level of ascension related area. Guangzhou entrance guard system company a rapid build low-cost entrance guard system is introduced in this paper, the design method of this method is based on embedded Linux raspberry pie hardware system, the use of the existing IC card read/write device module building entrance guard system hardware system; Software systems use Python, and PHP scripting language, after a quick second development, finally realizes the entrance guard system construction and application software. Now use the method to build the entrance guard system has been successfully applied in some oil platform dry-dock projects in personnel management. Guangzhou new entrance guard system hardware general IC card chip follow ISO14443 technical agreement, the agreement specifies the physical properties of the contactless IC card, radio frequency energy, and interface, the collision protocol, data transmission protocol, such as content, if you design a set of entrance guard system from scratch, you have to spend a lot of time, manpower, material resources and final cost and effect will sell at a discount greatly. In order to speed up the design progress, here the author is recommended to use IC card read/write module development, currently on the market of the IC card read/write module has RS232, RS485, USB interface in the form of these modules have read/write command packaging IC chips, users need to develop complex underlying driver, and through the interface protocols of manufacturers to provide secondary development use. Guangzhou used in YMC150 series IC card entrance guard system module, the module working voltage 5 v, RS232 communication interface, the interface of TTL level, the default baud rate to 9600 - bit/s, serial port can be connected directly to the tree blackberry pie circuit, without level conversion chip, this device to connect and facilitate debugging. The main working mode including active read card number, active data block, active reading card and data blocks, command mode. Work frequency is 13. 56 MHZ, support ISO14443A protocol, can realize the function to read the card number, read data block, sector encryption, increase or decrease in value, etc. , in this paper, the software design based on module active reading card number and the operation mode of the block of data information. Raspberry pie miniature computer first hit the market in March 2012, based on 32-bit ARM chip design, shape is the size of a credit card, but with the all the basic functions of the computer, USB, Ethernet, audio, video interface, also including the GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART and various extension interface; The software system based on Debian Linux, can be installed to run Python, PHP, and other advanced programming and scripting language. Using raspberry pie and IC module of entrance guard system structure diagram are shown in figure 1 below. From figure 1 shows, the entrance guard system using raspberry pie serial connection YMC150 series card reader module, and through the HDMI connection a monitor as an information output, so as to build the entrance guard system, the system hardware structure is simple, using the raspberry pie hardware serial port and display interface, and 1 generation of raspberries pie with RCA TV signal interface, can also be connected directly to the old TV as a monitor, to a certain extent, reduce the entrance guard system construction cost.
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