Guangzhou new intelligent access control attendance system working principle is introduced

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
In the field of intelligent building, entrance guard system has been widely applied. It is a new modern safety management system, from the initial & other One cartoon & throughout; Type of access network, integration, intelligence development to today modern access control products, entrance guard system after dental laboratories, gradually developed into a set of complete access management system, become an essential for people living and working. From the point of control means, the current domestic main entrance guard system are cryptic phone entrance guard system, radio frequency card entrance guard system, fingerprint access control system, etc. , including radio frequency induction card entrance guard system using most frequently. At present, the international mainstream of entrance guard system began to provide TCP/IP network as the connection mode of the system. The advent of the era of Internet, security industry situation is changing and increasingly complex, entrance guard system will be integrated into more high-tech products and technologies. Some unit office area a total of 5 towering buildings ( 2 building administrative office building, one lab building, building materials and 1 logistics building) And thousands of people in and out of the office staff, in addition to the staff of the unit, office reception to need to deal with the business of personnel, personnel in and out of the safety management has a certain complexity. In addition to building entrance guard system, project covers QianHouMen vehicles in and out of the intelligent management system. Project plans to build a set of automatic control technology, modern communication technology and computer network technology in the integration of intelligent entrance guard system, for the people in and out of the building intelligent management. System of personnel in and out of the personal identification card works, to everyone who has the right to enter the building an identification card. This identification card, except in and out of the doorway corresponding functions also fuses the function of check on work attendance, for the office staff attendance management. System through the card reader to determine whether a cardholder can enter, if you can, open door, the door can't open. System function 1 remote control today's entrance guard system is not a simple door lock function, all import and export are put a card reader. Management personnel in the center of the management software can change at any time through the system working status and operation parameters of entrance guard, can also through the system software of the remote control door lock switch, and real-time monitoring ( ) In and out of the situation. 2 user management using the security of computer system connected to the Internet, implement open card of the authorized distribution, data changes, information storage, report the loss/solution, such as card management. For in and out of traffic, in and out of time, identity categories of statistical analysis, such as convenient query and print. 3 systems management system operation security relationship building, the safety of the person and goods entrance guard system need specialist operations. System Settings in the form of authorization management permissions, change the level of management, operations staff to ensure the safe operation of the entrance guard system.
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