Guangzhou new entrance guard system recommendation: the same entrance guard eight different open means

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
“ Before the entrance card, who get all available, it's different now! ” Yesterday morning, in banan Haitian garden district, 62 - year - old mother-in-law jiang sent cheeky as a demonstration, I saw she took out a cellular phone, fingers in an APP UI with a smooth, building of entrance guard then answer opened and old neighbors wowed around them. In April last year, as the public security sub-bureau in banan district since the pilot intelligent entrance guard system, as a representative of the old community of the lee family Tuo & community and the property of jiangnan huadu, Haitian garden has been installed, becomes the first upgrade of barnum and even the whole city networking intelligent entrance guard system of residential area. Move your fingers, shake phone & hellip; … A variety of both convenient and fashionable way to open the door quietly stay between the community residents, the intelligent entrance guard system began to settle banan, become residents guarding the safety of the new model.     Banan RuanXiuJie is introduced, the public security bureau public security detachment police open corridor entrance card security doors, it can be seen everywhere in the city life. But owing to the entrance guard system mostly residential property installed separately, there is a reading card system information is simple, easy to lost, the problem such as easy to become a mere formality, security concerns of the community.     RuanXiuJie said, in order to completely solve community public security hidden danger, cleaning the security blind Angle, realize a net in this district, in the intelligent entrance guard system into use, banan public security bureau will entrance card storage networking management, intelligence, according to one man, one card into the personal information, makes the entrance card with identification function, can report the loss or even invalid, ensure the entrance card can only open the doors of residential housing building, avoid fish in troubled waters, the largest extent, ensure the resident in and out, to rule out other personnel, for the illegal and criminal behavior mount & other; Throughout the grid &; And let it nowhere to hide.     In Haitian garden district, belong to different populations was flexible use of the open way, whether it is enough to trendy young people love coldplay, still don't understand the smartphone of the elderly, and even preschool children, are suitable for their own way to the door into the floor & ndash; — Open the lock, small firmware unlocked, the phone unlocked, WIFI lock, IC card lock, unlock shake, WeChat authorized authorized lock, lock, SMS eight unlock way corresponding to different age group, also provide convenient for visiting friends and relatives, by community residents.     As the representative of the old community since last April, the lees Tuo & community began installing intelligent entrance guard system, community public security environment to a 180 & deg; Big change, so far, the lees Tuo & community has achieved zero both for 18 months, in the old community with many years of history, it's a miracle. In jiangnan, huadu district, said many rental households, this intelligent entrance guard card, now they keep this apartment blocks of the floating population's talisman, freely in and out of the tenants don't have to worry about strangers.     According to this public security bureau of statistics show that in the implementation of intelligent entrance guard system innovation pilot one and a half years, successively the lees Tuo putting-in-service proactively the system & community, jiangnan huadu, Haitian garden, all realize zero both after installation, security prevention effect is significant.     Nguyen shuhei, as in 2016, 2017, banan focus on people's livelihood projects, the dwellings in the entrance guard system, upgrade, subject construction, operations and other fees will be mainly by the government later & other; The check & throughout; , property community residents need to ensure that only unit door closed properly, can enjoy free and handle the door card; As not installed entrance guard system of old community residents, only need to take responsibility for up to 100 yuan per family installation and material cost, can enjoy intelligent life.     So far, the area has been installed 36 village, 32029; Before the end of December, the area of more than 60 residential property, more than 1500 old community building to entrance guard, in turn, upgraded, and in accordance with the plan gradually expand to the surrounding area.
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