Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard system, by way of science and technology to create another convenient life

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard system installation company, country garden Park Royal intelligent residential, Singapore is based on the development of intelligent building, service for community residents to the core, to fully meet the demand of residents' life function and development for the purpose of intelligent custom detail feature set, create a more healthy, more convenient, more comfortable and more comfortable way of life, all-round improve home comfort. Introduction of intelligent entrance guard system, unlock home to open a new way to strengthen community personnel in and out of control, country garden Park Royal create a safe living environment, especially put forward the access control design and construction requirements. Traditional door lock is thinking how to keep the people outside, but our concern is to get more guests to open the door into the house. The user experience is a science fiction movie host or guest as long as near the door, with a clear hint sound, the gate automatically opened & ndash; — If you are a master, or authorization of the owner in the guests. Key to liberation, make home empty-handed facts through the space background authorization to enter the owner information entrance guard system, property building owner exclusive information system, to generate & other; Exclusive APP&rdquo community; , pick up the phone open, bluetooth shake, 1 second success to open the door. Or just pick up the phone exclusive qr code generated by the owner, aimed at gate module scan to enter the house. Go out shopping, sports, open a door with the two way, cell phone all finish! Smart home 3. 0 + times the way of science and technology, not only to ensure the safety of the portal, more important is the new way of life, with a convenient way of science and technology to create another life!
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