Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard patent encryption algorithm according to copy to ensure the safety of the community

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
In today's society, intelligent entrance guard system has become the standard of the community, access control card has become necessary in People's Daily life, and common entrance card is limited to the cause of the low technical content, repeatedly by community residents, let the thing tube enterprises also have a headache, and aiming at the status quo, guangzhou intelligent entrance guard system perfectly solve this problem, now, as to cooperate with more and more management enterprises in guangzhou, guangzhou intelligent entrance guard has been widely used in more than 30 cities across China, won the consistent high praise. As guangzhou intelligent entrance guard across the country are widely used, not only improve market share, also won the praise of users, such as tide, guangzhou intelligent entrance guard system has been applied to a number of technology patents, passed the Ministry of Public Security safety testing of related agencies. Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard not only in the technology industry, and by optimizing the industrial chain, one in terms of the production cost of an intelligent entrance guard, guangzhou has done inline. On security, guangzhou intelligent entrance guard is made of the IC card used as entrance card, patent encryption algorithm, and developed the card information could not be copied, and represent the only identity authentication. It will be free from the source to eliminate the entrance card copy. Second, the intelligent entrance guard in guangzhou also has the characteristics of the intelligent and flexible, it can be through the owner binding mobile phone to open the door. In mass innovation peoples under the wave of entrepreneurship, with innovative and high growth of guangzhou followed policy trend, profound grasp industry trends, combined with their own new ideas and technologies, intelligent buildings, intelligent CheGuan innovation, intelligent intercom, coordination to ensure the safety of residents and visitors, garage and orderly, so as to realize the safety of the community residents for a long time, focus on deep & other; Intelligence community throughout the &; 。 Only in the ancient capital of xi 'an, by the end of 2016, had been built by & other; Intelligence community throughout the &; Area of more than 22 million square, with 91 community cooperation ( Cover the forest of steles, Ba bridge, lotus lake xian each area county) In 2017, but also plans to develop an area of 8000 square meters & hellip; … Guangzhou service in addition to the focus of xi 'an, north wide, chongqing, chengdu, hangzhou seven super a line and a line outside the city, also have led to jinan, Qingdao, tianjin, shijiazhuang, nanjing and other nearly 30 cities of sensation, momentum let the attention of the whole industry. With the development of the society, the property service must to the direction of refinement, quality and development, and the & other; Intelligence community throughout the &; For the construction of the nationwide, it is the vision of guangzhou, guangzhou is also in constant practice. Community service is the key to the exchange between the online resources, to form a continuous cycle of ecological health. Guangzhou through the cloud big data, analysis of the BPC pattern on the front end to collect the user's behavior, and instead work on the back-end optimization solution, super shopping from intelligent entrance guard, laundry cleaning, business owners and brand merchants and a series of link aggregation, shaping a convenient life, services, company owner of efficient management, brands healthy profits win-win situation. Guangzhou has covered a community project at present, the intelligent entrance guard safe passage data ten million times, higher function such as announcement, adjacent to bring more convenient life. The ember, guangzhan will, analysys data, DoNews promulgated a series of industry awards & hellip; … Along the way will theory combined with practice, guangzhou gradually find a new direction of the development of the community service. Wisdom city is an important content of national construction, this year is much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning the implementation of the next year, according to this plan, the future will bring & other; Innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing & throughout; As a new direction of urban development, and the intelligence community is an important part of wisdom of the city, it is committed to intelligent community construction in guangzhou has brought broad prospects of development. And be good at innovation and grasp the market opportunity in guangzhou, there will be a better tomorrow.
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