Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard how to use

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Guide language: a good door, deserve to go up a good smart door lock is perfect, deserve to go up again a good intelligent entrance guard is more perfect. Not only let others can't open, can also be intelligent identification screening of others. Guangzhou intelligent entrance guard system under the guangzhou intelligent entrance guard system web site to share with you the intelligent entrance guard's related knowledge, the hope can help you in your life. Along with the continuous development of intelligent technology and mature, smart door locks, smart door, smart Windows and doors, intelligent curtain, intelligent entrance guard system, intelligent household arises at the historic moment. Guangzhou, intelligent entrance guard system network to share with you today how intelligent entrance guard using smart home knowledge. I hope you can like it. Generally going to the door when the cardholder, he will use induction card outside the door card on the card reader, on the password keyboard input password, or is the use of fingerprint recognizer, palmprint recognizer, retinal recognizer, and so on identification. , after when the cardholder's credit card information will be near to the door controller, and then through the controller inside the computer identification, confirm the cardholder is qualified to enter, send control signal to lock the door at the top of the electricity, so just open the door to let the person that hold card to enter. The holder after taking the door, the door will automatically shut down. Within the electric lock is often also equipped with a sensor ( The lock state sensor) , once the door or electric lock in an open position, it will echo signal to the controller, when the door is open time is too long, the controller or bell will sound, notice to close the door. Controller in the door at the same time will be the cardholder's information transmitted to the computer room in the entrance guard management computer. Computer after receiving information, information storage, and display on the screen, at the same time will transfer the information to the related software. When the cardholder is going to go out afterwards, he can press the push button (the inside of the door One-way charge. If it is a two-way charge is also need to charge inside the door) Later, the door opened automatically. System automatically when the entrance guard system without electricity, electricity lock in the open position, let a person can free access. In order to avoid the one thousand fire unable to escape.
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