Guangzhou face recognition which good attendance system products?

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Guangzhou face recognition which good attendance system products? Guangzhou face recognition system of check on work attendance, please look for the ze technology co. , LTD. Ce ze technology co. , LTD. Only engaged in face recognition for the CLP group's flagship companies, relying on the international leading portrait identification technology products, the specification of quality management and excellent corporate culture, as China's security software and information service industry leader. Ce jersey has developed a number of science and technology has the right of national computer software with independent intellectual property rights security software products, has applied for a patent for invention at home and abroad a number. Ding trillion technology has won the national key high-tech enterprises, China's independent brand many honors such as qualification, software products and continuous within the state planning layout of the key software enterprises. Ce ze technology consists of ding trillion face recognition algorithm, Beijing financial) Research center, face recognition, financial products ( Beijing supporting sales) Center, ding trillion face recognition algorithm, Nanjing public security industry) Face recognition application research center, intelligent monitoring products ( Nanjing) Public security industry products (sales center, face recognition, Nanjing) Sales center. Ding trillion can provide face recognition, face recognition and face recognition algorithm of cloud platform solutions, ding trillion ( Nanjing) CLP group is a wholly-owned company of form a complete set of product of portraits of the high-tech joint-stock company. Ding trillion face recognition entrance guard is on the basis of the traditional access control system to join the professional entrance guard products core technology of face recognition, recognition speed within 1 s, accuracy of 99. 98% is in the leading level at home and abroad. The product in the gateway using facial recognition technology to identify key position in personnel identity, to determine whether a release. Elements are only 1 face recognition system of check on work attendance and identifiable, and can greatly improve the traffic safety and the convenience of management. The company product development based on industry direction, ding mega online offline access control of access control to include professional functions, have a large number and record capacity, strong compatibility, humanized design, very suitable for financial, legal, military, large enterprises and institutions and other kinds of security demanding situations. The information of the above content is to tell everyone about the face recognition system of check on work attendance in nanjing which good related introduction, after you have seen, all know that a good product! Suggest that we choose to face recognition attendance system manufacturers, choose a company of regular, quality assurance.
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