Guangzhou consumption machine is a kind of high-quality canteen card machine

by:Keyable     2020-06-17
Canteen cashier to canteen machine, the dining room to sell rice system, also called the canteen. Only when the user consumption need to produce the card within the sensing area range, the canteen cashier to approval can complete consumption; Convenient user consumption, consumption and convenient management statistics and management, to realize the collection of consumption data statistics and information process automation. Consumption machine in domestic development for nearly 20 years, a part of the smart id card in the architecture. Consumption of system is more cumbersome, hardware threshold is not high, but in the software's development is not a fake company follow up easily. Over the past ten years, development of this field has been tepid. Until recent years swept through the Internet, they began to bold attempt and explore more. Upper still is one of the traditional big brands, like development, electronic, new cape these part firmly occupy larger market share, especially in the aspect of campus id is unshakable. Then, is like zhengzhou development and accumulated experience for many years, in the market segment of high-value challenger. And hsun, dense, central, and yu chuan intelligent and so on from time to time in a lot of large and small manufacturers, have a slice of this action. This also reflects the current industry hasn't reached two or three dominant. But each industry will experience fully shake-up in the stage of the competition on whoever leather off life. New technology environment means opportunity, is also a crisis. Staff canteen according to eat the food they buy, through the keyboard input amount on this device in the canteen, dining staff meal card holders the inductor in the canteen card, you can deduct the corresponding amount from the dining card, and display the consumption amount and balance on the card. Selling rice, will this device charge data collected by computer system, can through the statistics report or printed on each card slot, each dining room, meal, or at any time every day all the financial data, to realize scientific management. IC card canteens canteen cashier inductor function features of 1, the working mode: online/offline consumption mode 2 and mode of consumption: direct input amount/quota consumption/fixed time consumption 3, card number: no. 4, card standard: mifare1 contactless IC card and compatible CARDS, display mode: double 10 LED digital display. 6, data acquisition, background management, computer acquisition and real-time monitoring to collect 7, communication methods: RS 485 ( TCP/IP,, U disk matching) 8, download blacklist: supports real-time download, download the report from 9, voice enroll, external receipts printers print statement
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