Guangzhou common entrance guard system quotation and how to choose the interpretation skills

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Entrance guard for our living security escort, to choose a good entrance guard system, to choose their own good security measures, can be seen, when the choice of the more important of entrance guard system, then let us know about the entrance guard system quotation. Entrance guard system quotation of entrance guard system installation how much is a set of easy access to install a set of simple entrance guard system need to 700 yuan. The entrance guard system includes, access control power supply. Access control card reader. Door lock, door switch, installation and debugging. The entrance guard of 700 yuan, the characteristic is that the door is all-in-one, can be credit card password. Simple operation and easy to use. The price of the entrance guard is hold 200 to 500. In Beijing to choose this kind of entrance guard system accounted for more than 50%. Entrance guard system installation attendance access control attendance record of how much money a sisters borrow card reader door of access control needs someone to monitor the power supply, entrance guard switch access control software. Entrance guard of installation and debugging a complete set of entrance guard system of check on work attendance. Such a set of entrance guard system of check on work attendance, 1100 dollars. Such companies are generally attendance access control system, need to sit together have entrance guard system and attendance system, their biggest advantage is together very convenient, can remove, in, near the airport charge delay time again, efficient utilization, the function of entrance guard system. In Beijing or is the company for more than 20 or 30 people over 50 people all in attendance access control system, there are also a significant number of market space in Beijing. Entrance guard system understanding of general entrance guard is made up of what parts? Entrance guard system is composed of many parts coordination, the entrance guard host, electric locks, access control dedicated power supply, out of the door switch, the doorbell, door stopper, entrance card, communication converter, entrance guard management software of a few parts, besides the common parts, and the remote control, door closers, back-up power, door sensor, alarm, mounting bracket, visible interphone, and so on, these parts are generally need to customer in advance or we select the corresponding recommendations, according to the customer, of course, cost is calculated separately. What need to prepare before installation? 1, if your company is in office, it is necessary and property company to say hello, in order to avoid security management lead to delay the process of access control installation. 2, best can provide construction personnel or other higher ladder tools, entrance guard installation belongs to a project, installation is not so simple, have the ladder also facilitate our staff wiring operation, improve the installation progress, also can give you save valuable time. The choice of entrance guard system, fingerprint access control system (1 A kind of biometric access control, security is higher) 2, the induction card entrance guard system ( The ID card, IC card, CPU card, etc. , and also can be used and password combination) 3, palm vein recognition entrance guard system ( A kind of biometric access control systems, mature technology, high security, high cost) 4, voice print and other biometric access system corresponding identification methods corresponding to the corresponding reading head equipment. , such as fingerprint with the fingerprint machine; Only use a credit card then open the door of Macao's average reading head line, specific points ID only read head or IC head ( ID is cheaper, can only read the ID number. IC is more expensive, but later period can be extended, data can be written, make it can be prepaid phone, late consumption. ) ; Palm vein recognition with palm vein recognition apparatus. So these & middot; · · Second, is to know where we want to install the entrance guard system, what is the door, glass double swing door open? Or metal iron door? Or wood door in the office? Because the entrance guard system is not a single product, he need according to your different doors equipped with electric lock, electric plug locks, magnetic locks, electric control lock, etc. Also consider to install a few door, the distance between the door and the door. Installed entrance guard system of automatic door entrance guard in guangzhou, guangzhou entrance guard system is one of intelligent building security management, it can not only have automatic access control, enhance the role of security, automatic and easy to use, good for the company's internal management, regulate the company's image and purify the work environment. Automatic door installation of access control is an important part of the automation management of safety, but if the improper selection system will bring you unexpected trouble, so choose the entrance guard system in addition to price, entrance guard play an important role in construction of installation, automatic door access control installation refers to the access control machine, electronic locks, power supply, switch connected together can be normal use, can brush card, according to the fingerprint, password, such as remote control to open the door, automatic door entrance guard system scheme to realize the convenient management role.
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