Guangzhou channel gate system concrete application analysis in the social scene

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Now, government agencies and offices, scenic spot or a village factory and so on, we can see the figure of channel gate. And channel gate, also become our a good helper. , many places application channel brake machine, therefore, to channel sluice had the very big development space. Today, we take a look at, channel brake machine application in all walks of life. Hope for your security work such as attendance to bring some help. Guangzhou channel gate system application in social scene analysis 1, commercial buildings, and building channel modern intelligent building daily turnover of staff is numerous, the traditional personnel in and out of the management methods are simply rely on the simple entrance guard system on the door, which is the end point of management, to a large number of visitors personnel management means a single, there are serious security management. Therefore, based on the pedestrian passageway for high-end intelligent building get wider attention in recent years. In building the main entrance is set intelligent pedestrian passageway brake can be effective for building in and out of the personnel management, thereby increasing the safety of the building. In the building Lord at the entrance to set up several groups of two-way channel brake ( According to the width of the channel setting up reasonable gate number) , building internal staff for building one cartoon system center issued by the internal staff card access channel, to avoid the other people (such as Such as malicious door-to-door sales people) For internal staff. 2, access to a data centre in cloud computing, big data across the globe, against the background of open shoulder the security of database management, and maintenance of data center security received special attention, as part of the data center security, data center channel brake system become a new growth point of industry. 3, the secret door in order to guarantee the security of important entrance guard channel brake system, starting in 2009, the state password administration issued a 'about printing & lt; Important entrance guard system password application guide & gt; Notice, clear requirements & other; In the important entrance guard system with password algorithm must conform to the requirements of the state password administration & throughout; 。 The secret entrance guard channel system arises at the historic moment. But because of its production and sales have strict examination and approval process, supply channel, the price also is quite high. At present, only in prison, army, bank, government departments, key enterprises, such as for the important use of a higher level of security requirements. The secret door because of its high security be predicted a trend for future development. Channel gate to parse the application in various industries. For channel brake machine application in all walks of life. From the above introduction we can also have some understanding. After years of development, channel brake machine, already is not only a security channel. Is a staff guidance equipment, and cooperate with the relevant solutions, can even do a good job in attendance of the great saves manpower. Therefore, if you have any needs, can contact our staff. They will give you professional solutions. Guangzhou channel brake machine commonly used product can be extended functions: 1) Sound and light alarm function, including illegal intrusion alarm, the alarm, etc; 2) Counting function; 3) Infrared reset function; 4) Chassis lengthen, swing arm extended, etc. Standard technical parameters to cardiac case material: Chinese standard no. 304 stainless steel to cardiac case size: bridge case ( RNCF8008L、RNCF6008L) 1200 * 280 * 1000 wide long high, MM) ( Standard) Vertical box ( RNCF8008M) 380 * 280 * 1000 wide long high, MM) ( Standard) Pillar box ( RNCF8008S、RNCF8008Z) Main column diameter: 168 mm, attached to the rod diameter: 88 mm, attached to the bar with the principal part of width: & gt; Pendulum length height: 1050 mm left swing arm length: 500 - 900 mm left swing arm transmission Angle: 180 degrees to cardiac swing direction: one-way or two-way left working voltage: AC220 & plusmn; 10% V/50 ± 10% HZ is left drive motor: 24 v dc motor has the input interface: dry contact signal or 12 v level signal or pulse width & ge; 100 ms 12 v pulse signal, drive current & ge; 10 ma, his communication interface: RS485 standard distance & le; 1200 meters left traffic speed: 40 people/min ( Normally open) , 25 - 30 / min ( Normally closed) Cardiac valve open and close time: 2 - After 3 seconds left on the electricity into the time needed for traffic condition: after 3 seconds to cardiac failure of automatic reset time: 10 seconds to cardiac work environment: indoor and outdoor, Yin shed) His temperature: - 10℃本; — 50 ℃, relative humidity & le; 90%, no condensation
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