Guangzhou channel gate entrance guard system benefits analysis

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Entrance guard gate, this is we can often see, however, for them, or need to contact the customer at the beginning, know very little. And as a more popular products and channel brake, widely used in more concentrated intensive place. The management of the personnel of the customer through its work, traffic, attendance, etc. Therefore, for channel brake products, we are friends, must have a clear understanding, such ability can let channel brake is completely used. Next, let's see, channel brake, exactly what are the benefits. Guangzhou channel gate entrance guard system benefits analysis 1, thorough professional technology advanced core technology. To ensure a stable and reliable brake machine, give your management to provide reliable guarantee. Special microprocessor USES advanced ARM kernel motor, smooth starting and control. Three closed loop circuit design. Stable channel sluice gate control, movements smooth, accurate. Master-slave control networks. Signal is accurate and stable. Effectively avoid the interference that the shadow play a misoperation. Digital positioning technology applications, the brake lever accurate positioning. 2, security, security design and ensure the safety. Allows you to manage. The machine design without edges and corners, to prevent accidental collision damage to person, ensure the security of the pedestrians. Illegal traffic alarm prompt function to ensure incorrect traffic can effectively prompt, strengthen the consciousness of safety management. Illegal recruit channel brake brake lever lock function. To ensure the legitimacy of the passage. Power and control rod function, ensure unblocked channel when accident occurs. The large capacity high reliability of data storage technology, ensure the security of the user data is stored. 3, stable, reliable and advanced circuit design, professional key components selection, strict test validation, product durability. Channel sluice gate operation key component selection, professional and reliable, to ensure that the channel brake brake machine life. Special torque motor, compact structure, torque, to ensure the reliable channel sluice gate operation. Advanced science, the circuit design, ensure reliable channel brake brake motor coordination. All stainless steel shell, chassis internals using all anticorrosive processing, durable. Professional on-off device, the Angle detection device. Channel brake brake machine run smoothly, locking is reliable, flexible brake beam positioning accuracy. 4, warm, harmonious human nature design, considerate care. Increase the management window. Channel sluice gate is highly accord with human body engineering design, easily read card, pass freely. Clear traffic light traffic guidance function, need not near either decide to traffic state. Warm and friendly voice prompt function, pedestrian's endless care. The operation is simple, maintenance is convenient - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Easy control, good maintenance, easy management. Control mode change just move your finger, easily deal with. A variety of optional features, ready to society. with the management for you. Mold is changed, modular design, make the maintenance is very convenient. Perfect error guide prompt function, makes the solution of the problem. 5, energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption, save every penny for you; Low noise, allowing you to exempt from noise. The use of powerful adaptability - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Provides reliable guarantee for your choice. Strong capacity to meet the high demand of traffic flow to traffic places. Improve the design of the structure, make the channel brake brake function to adapt to a variety of using the environment of inside and outside. Compatible with the mainstream card reader or identification system. Has a standard extension interface, greatly satisfy the customer requirements for system integration. What are the advantages to use the channel. For channel brake products advantages, from the content of the above, we also have some understanding. , guangzhou gate entrance guard system common technical personnel tell everybody, channel brake, for the customer, has a very comprehensive function, can greatly help customers to perform the passage and check on work attendance management personnel. So, if you need to brake machine, you can contact us, our staff will for your targeted solution scheme is given. Is your trustworthy professional brand.
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