【 Guangzhou brake factory house 】 Pendulum sluice gate entrance guard system debugging steps

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
In all the gate entrance guard system, brake, with its traffic speed, traffic personnel and so on characteristics, more attention has been praised by many customers friends. And brake, is all gate entrance guard system, the only thing that the pedestrian passage of bicycles, electric bicycle brake. Install set brake, therefore, has been favored by customers. Today, in view of the pendulum brake after the installation of debugging problems, we take a look at suzhou empty the introduction of technology and technical personnel. Variety classification, a one of three roller gates, according to the passage method can be divided into: three roller gates, electric manual roll gate 2, according to the design can be divided into three: bridge three roller gates, vertical three-roller gate 3, according to the passage, forms can be divided into: mechanical electric three roller gates, the semi-active three roller gates, active all three roller gates, according to the flow can be divided into: ordinary three roller gates, high flow three roll gate 5, according to the active brake braking method can be divided into three roller gates, the semi-active brake three roll gate ( This type belongs to high-grade brake machine type, foreign river) ( 1) At present domestic main classification for three roll gate: all three roller gates, the semi-active three roll gate and three roller brake manually. ( 2) Active all three roller gates, also known as electric three roller gates, equipped with a motor, brake machine operation by motor stocks move all over, in to electricity shares by a motor brake rod rolling, in complete electricity active on the pole, it is very convenient to use. ( 3) Semi-active three roller gates, equipped with a motor or two electromagnets, to determine the settlement control in to and out of the locks, authorized access, electromagnet shares unlocked arm, allaying brake lever to one-way rolling, the user can nudge brake rod through the channel. ( 4) Semi-active three roll brake planning anti rotary function, can effectively prevent retrograde. ( 5) Manual three roller gates: pure mechanical equipment no electrical equipment, users only need to push with your hand lightly in the brake lever, can through the channel, without charge, positioning and reset system actively, manipulation of the single direction at home, in the other direction lock no thoroughfare. Pendulum sluice gate entrance guard system debugging steps of the analytical 1 place 1 brake wiring diagram, debugging preparation, 1 set of pendulum brake equipment. 2, check the wiring according to the wiring diagram to check the motor wiring, mains wiring. Check the power connection and the whole equipment of other right. On the electric debugging when confirmed! Equipment must be reliable grounding protection, otherwise don't allow debugging; 3, 1) function debugging This is a two-way normally closed set brake brake. External to swipe into signals, out to a credit card. 2) There is no charge signal, alarm when pedestrians from into to enter. Likewise there is no charge signal, alarm when pedestrians from out to enter. 3) Pedestrians swipe access: when pedestrians swipe direction indicator into a green arrow, gate opened the start time delay, in setting through the gate closed, transit time professional a red green arrow ban. If timeout pedestrians still didn't pass the gate closed, a red green arrow ban. 4) When pedestrians as two people too close to the specific processing is limited to time, as a people. 5) The pendulum brake switch speed is adjustable. Specific parameter Settings. (4), electrical operation pendulum is brake is normally closed type intelligent brake, after power on the gate shut down automatically, power off automatically open. Pendulum sluice gate entrance guard system debugging steps. Above is suzhou empty technology and technical personnel for pendulum brake debug the problem for you to answer. If you need to install the pendulum brake, or already installed, but have a problem, you can contact our staff. We as a professional brake machine, three roller gates, wing brake gate entrance guard system manufacturer, will give that professional response to your question.
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