Gate of the scenic spot common brake type wing machine synthetically

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
As people living standard rise, now the main leisure tourism has become the people daily life way, is the spice of life. Especially the tourism more people choose to holiday travel, tickets, in and out of the low efficiency of manual recount of tourism scenic spot problems directly affect the development of the scenic spots and tourist experience. Solution sets in and out of the scenic area efficiency is particularly important, now a lot of scenic spot used the scenic area brake machine with ticketing system, realize the intelligent recount big high the check-in efficiency of scenic spots, let visitors enter the scenic area is more convenient and quick. Wing brake is a brake machine is a common type of scenic spots, here we come to the gate of the scenic spot common brake type wing machine were introduced simply. Scenic brake brake the wing of the operating instructions: 1, the wing brake before put into use required by function debugging, debugging to normal rear can put into use; 2, wing brake equipment on electricity, it is strictly prohibited in the channels within the station; 3, pedestrians, read the cartoon, in the direction indicator not into green, it is forbidden to enter the channel; Pedestrians pass, don't stay in the middle of the channel; 4, wing brake through the gateway, don't crowded, should maintain a certain interval between human beings; Don't read card is forbidden, and quickly through the gateway; 5, Suggestions on the device work visible signs the native spoken instructions, to guide the traffic safe and orderly through gate channel; 6, wing brake equipment did not work to take good governance, it is forbidden to knock, shaking device; 7, the scenic spot brake brake wing in a closed state, it is forbidden to push pull or crash gate; Scenic gate on the ticket system requirements: check-in function: one ticket for one person, one vote, text display images, voice prompt, the number into the garden, brush ticket interval, brake machine status, the platform scanning device, read the IC card, fingerprint, check id card, card punch, rides recycling; Based sales and recount report query functions: data query and analysis report query, leadership report query, etc. Individual management: the ticket to the individual, including many times into the garden, recount show ticket types and prompt voice; The registration of membership card, membership management: data ( Id card, photo and fingerprints, etc. ) Sets, to display the name, photo, to check the fingerprint, id card, etc. ; Team management: marketing planning is more, to register the tour guide, travel information, travel agency management and performance statistics, more than one vote, team incentives ( Such as: 10 free 1, etc. ) , you need to sign the bill, rebates, and other functions. In the garden, has a single into the garden and many times into the garden; Scenic area traffic management: recount brake machine shows the number of display in number and the number in the garden, the gate of the scenic spot function display notice to dredge the tourists; Brake brake fault handling instructions: (wing of the scenic spot 1) Scenic spot after brake brake wing brush card, swing doors do not open the door, no reaction, or does not open automatically when the power is cut off, check again, driving signal lines are falling, check to see if the mainboard of the drive signal light above have received signal. ( 2) Card, after the gate opened, but the gate is none. This usually is in the middle of the clip infrared not for good. Before the fixed case, must determine the infrared for good, to open the door closed properly. If there is no good to infrared, electricity, will alarm prompt. Please according to the indicating arrow direction to exercise after a credit card. ( 3) The working state of the wing brake directions respectively, the green arrow to the left, point to the right, or Red Cross. Such as direction indicating no reaction, or the direction of the instructions is not correct. Can change to another test, with a good try to exchange. To check the wiring. ( 4) Brake wing gate charge in the scenic spot, there is a open, there is a don't open. To check the sync line is even better. Guarantee good even later, can't open that a motherboard have received signals, such as no, to check the wiring whether there are falling, insert the plug of the motherboard for good.
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