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Fusion of 'Internet +' entrance guard system is a new direction?

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
As & other; Internet + & throughout; Model, access control as a major system of the security industry, integration & other; Internet + & throughout; For industrial transformation has become the trend of The Times. Ember in Beijing, has a successful ending 2016, thousands of intelligence guest had the opportunity to interview for real marketing director Mr Zhi-yong huang, he introduced at the ember of solid & other; Internet + & throughout; Solution, WeChat all-in-one-card platform, & other; Multi-protocol reader & throughout; New products, such as to show the power of technology innovation in the field of solid door, and solutions in the current & other; Internet + & throughout; Trend, the entrance guard system where a new direction. “ Internet + door & throughout; , opportunities or challenges? “ Throughout the Internet &; Environment, the emergence of a large number of innovative technology, making the competition pattern of the current door industry in our country with more and more big changes. In the whole industry chain, whether it is a new competitor or a traditional manufacturers, integrators, face, is not only an opportunity, is also a challenge. Based on the thinking and the development of the Internet, the Internet brings up a lot of demand. Mobile Internet in brought new changes to the IC at the same time, also brought a lot of convenience to customers: in the current, mobile phones can not only open the door, the phone APP and WeChat have also been applied to one card system. In technology, from the earliest of RFID technology, development to today's various biometric technology and image recognition technology, applying these new technologies in the IC card, to meet customer demand. We can say that the Internet bring demand change of thinking, and new technology is to promote the change of the whole enterprise. “ The ember will reach a firm is the theme of the exhibition & other; Internet + & throughout; The customized service, it covers the following: & other; Internet + & throughout; Tall building entrance guard card solutions, & other Internet + & throughout; Cloud parking channel solution, WeChat all-in-one-card platform, etc. These are the current domestic most advanced & other; Internet + & throughout; Application solutions, and also the ember will be the biggest bright spot. ” Zhi-yong huang said. Too, launch WeChat all-in-one-card platform in & other; Internet + & throughout; Age, carrier with smart phones as the core, application of bluetooth 4. Innovation technology such as 0, qr code, the APP has become the technology development trend of access control industry. Phone the technology improved the traditional insufficient place, traditionally could be the application on the computer, now the management on basic all is a mobile phone. Ember will last year, amounted to real part has exhibited related products, after more than two years of research and development time, the ember conference launched WeChat all-in-one-card platform, the platform has been successfully applied in changsha ZhongJi international and wenzhou administrative center on the two projects. Of real id WeChat application platform, based on the smart CARDS or mobile phones for identity authentication, entrance guard, visitors, parking, attendance, consumption, credit vouchers, office equipment control, all of these simply by WeChat client all solved, let every customer's work and life more intelligent. Don't forget the beginner's mind, deep security market for many years, of false information has been committed to promote the standardization of the intelligent building products industry, entrance guard system as an important part of intelligent building, its security and stability is one of the most concern and industry, and integrators. In the current security market under the situation of the development of more and more fast, real still focus on the field of IC card entrance guard, in continuous innovation, and keep the technical advantage at the same time, integration in other areas, the high-end market. On the one hand, is in the third quarter of 2016, reach real success and heel boon wisdom pu maintain strategic cooperation, as the first entrance guard system integration strategy for grace wisdom pu global partners. Can be said to be of real have already took the lead with the world's top semiconductor electronic technology companies to share the global latest scientific and technological achievements. In the ember, real once again become the industry's first launch from credit card entrance guard system based on the technology of NXP enterprise; For eight years and has many times the first launch of ember really meeting including & other; Free card entrance guard system & throughout; , a number of technology application, therefore, are in the entrance guard card technology foresight has been walking in the industry, on the technological innovation leader, has been leading a year or so. ” On the other hand is the market development in the field of rail transit. By real orbit traffic entrance guard the host controller mainly aims at in the field of rail transit service, in recent years has been successfully applied to multiple projects; Applied to the year 2015 in shenzhen city rail transit network operation control center ( NOCC) Since, the product has stable and reliable, won the user's consistent approval. In August this year, real information access the host controller again passed CNAS test center certification, is the recognition of real product quality level, also adds new power to develop high-end market. Knot language each session of ember will is the industry's biggest festival, leading the industry development. The current & other; Internet + & throughout; The trend of The Times, a firm has been committed to develop wisdom city smart card market segment, introduced based on & other; Internet + & throughout; A series of solutions. At the ember of reality shows industry the leading technical level, the interpretation of in the future, the entrance guard industry based on market demand, continuous innovation, excellent products, focus on industry, provide more quality products and services is the right direction.
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