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Foreign entrance guard system common problems and treatment

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
There is news recently reported residents entrance card are free to copy, pose a safety hazard. Entrance card is commonly referred to as IC card, and can be divided into, M1 card, CPU card ID card. Currently use entrance card, ID card is the most easy to copy, although M1 card can be encrypted, but in fact, as early as 2008 was declared to be cracked. So, communities in other countries, the entrance card is also embarrassed and confused? District managers how to ensure the security of the household? South Korea, Seoul university dormitory can scan hands, blood vessels in the back from Seoul doctoral student at the university of Denver, South Korea village also use entrance card, but haven't heard entrance card can be copied. South koreans for the entrance card use is generally maintained high vigilance. General community also have janitors, most of the district also has video facilities. In addition to the village door card and password, such as South Korea's detached building, usually the building of a few house rent out, everyone will share a password entry, each room has a password room, convenient and very safe. So far have not heard of for duplicate card theft or other accidents. South Korean some apartments are not use entrance card or password, but use, is a special kind of biometric technology to open the door. Such as she live in Seoul university student dormitory is one example. Foreign students dormitory at the university of Seoul, to neither entrance card also need not password, but through recognition of hand back the blood vessels to open the door. Before students enter the dormitory to scan their hands back office blood vessels, and then connected to your room number, student dormitory, according to his room number, scan hand blood vessels can access. Australia: underground entrance card copy good Australia observer Hu Fang concealment of the low price, some relatively new apartment in Australia will use entrance card, because looking for residential property to configure the entrance card cost is higher, there will be tenants contact online small advertisement for the sake of money. Although the business is illegal, but due to card strong concealment, generally only leave a phone number, the police usually don't assembly human cost to track down. In general, a unit equipped with two and above the entrance card, failure or lost one thousand entrance card, can look for property to buy a new entrance card. Australia is the underground entrance card copy business, people choose entrance card copy is mainly for the sake of price. Hu Fang's district, for example, community property office entrance card charged for each $150, or about 750 yuan. Entrance card small online advertising only $40 yuan, the price on the village outside a lot of people go to duplicate the entrance card, this kind of behavior must be illegal, but as a result of business people tend to leave phone messages on the Internet, concealment is very good, really want to find out these people, spending a lot of, the police will also weigh whether there is enough forces to do such a thing. Hu Fang introduction, many village in Australia, the safety of the more symbolic than practical significance of access control card. Even if you don't have entrance card, as long as it's not late at night, can easily enter any residential building. Australians seemed content to them into floor for the preparing to open a door. But then again, if you want to plug the hole entrance card copy is not no way, such as the implementation of better means of encryption is one of the resort, you can at least make copy card is no longer so easy. Russia: entrance card temporarily for company management field in Russia, entrance card temporarily only applies to company management. According to Russian observers Zhang Shunheng, now in general use in the Russian city of electronic password is the key, it also holds a combination lock of high security and portability of physical keys. But this kind of metal sheet combination lock on the street with key store can also be a copy, don't need certificate, security function is not strong. Human security patrol and video surveillance is still a necessary means of security. Most use electronic trick lock, the Russian this combination lock generally call system installation and residents together, can through the keyboard input password to open the door, or by keyboard call resident house number, unlock directly by residents indoors. The advantage of this kind of combination lock, property management company on a regular basis to update the password, the shorter the period of validity of each password, the higher the level of security. Yet in the Russian city of the most common electronic password key, similar to the entrance card in nature, but not the card, but a thickness of about 5 mm round electronic metal, users need only when opening the door to the metal wafer card into the corresponding circular groove on the door can open the door. , of course, this circular electronic key in any match keys in street shop also can free legal copy, there is still a risk. In order to solve this problem, Russia's new residential area in recent years, in addition to the electronic key, set the artificial janitors, install cameras near the residential area, further improve the safety factor.
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