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Fingerprints are small role is the principle of intelligent lock your house you know?

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Fingerprint lock technology principle refers to positive skin covering the tip of the finger on the bumpy texture, despite the fingerprint is only a small part of the human body skin, however, it contains lots of information, these markings on the pattern, breakpoint and intersection are each are not identical, they called in information processing & other; Characteristics & throughout; , medicine have proved that these features for each finger is different, and these characteristics are rather unique and permanent. Fingerprints are small role is the principle of intelligent lock your house you know? So we can put a man with his fingerprint matching, by comparing the fingerprint characteristics of fingerprint features and preserved, can verify his real identity. Therefore, the characteristics of fingerprint became the most important evidence of identification and widely used in public security police and judicial field. Whatever the second lock, its essence or mechanical products. Fingerprint lock belongs to the model using the modern high technology to transform traditional industries, its core technology and mechanical technology in the first place. Mechanical technology is mainly composed of the following aspects: 1, namely look for the reasonable design of front and rear panel, is a sign of significant differences in the similar products, more important internal structure layout, directly determines the stability of the product and function. This process, involving design, mould making, surface treatment, and other links. Design the more manufacturers, therefore, relatively speaking, stronger development and design ability and better stability. 2, lock body can be combined with door lock the mother tongue. The stand or fall of lock body, directly determines the product's life. This is mechanical technology, the most core technology, also is lifeblood of fingerprint lock, also is in the industry, the hardest problem to solve. 95% of the existing production unit can't solve the problem, mainly through the way of outsourcing. Powerful manufacturers, have their own design, development, the ability of the lock body. Therefore, the lock body is truly reflect the core parts of the technical level is also the core technology of the whole fingerprint lock. Is 3, electrical motor drives. Just like computer software drivers. Is connected devices, electronic and mechanical strength of the transformation center, like plays a major role. If the motor stop working or obstacle, lock automatically open and not locked. 4, the fingerprint module and application system which is the basis of electron of. Fingerprint module, the peer function, mainly USES the chip, which is the use of which is the algorithm, such as the algorithm of west card chip, after a long-term market validation, the effect is very good. 5, clear the circuit design of circuit design and wiring, also guarantees the stability of the product. 6. Fingerprint recognition algorithm is general fingerprint recognition algorithm of the products is entirely for our own intellectual property rights of the core algorithm, the corresponding technical index has reached the world leading position, including: recognize false rate ( Rate of course) :& lt; 0. 0001% : one over one million, that is, the lock by mistake chance; Boomed from: & lt; 0. 3% : three over one thousand, that is, after you to store the fingerprint, refused to open the lock of the risk; Rotation Angle: plus or minus 180 degrees, 360 degrees can be arbitrary rotation; Translation: largest 5 mm; Recognition time: & lt; 0. 2 s, fingerprint matching processing time.
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