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Fine work attendance checking system for the company's effective management of human resources is very important

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
In the 21st century, human resource management has become an indispensable part of enterprise development, to improve enterprise innovation ability has positive significance. Fine management is the result of western developed countries new management concept, based on the traditional model, management lead to deep to the conventional type, division of labor, work fine quality goals. The real estate industry as the pillar industry of national economic development, national economy and the people's livelihood is very closely linked. Introducing fine attendance, in human resources management system, the application of can carry on the corresponding management for different employee psychological traits, stimulate staff's work enthusiasm, improve the level of human resource management, optimize the existing human resources configuration, so as to promote the healthy development of real estate enterprises. Fine implementation necessity of check on work attendance has been influenced by planned economy system, many enterprises are relics of artificial way attendance management, and arrange personnel responsible for attendance record. Even so, the scientific and rational management of attendance also is not easy, especially for large number of enterprise employees, attendance to involve different departments, the position of staff, various departments work nature is different, every day deal with the attendance of the workload is very big, and artificial way, appear easily lead to the enterprise will be a lot of energy consumption on the job. And the application of modern information technology, can help the employees' attendance management, attendance management from multifarious work, and can improve the attendance management effectiveness. In recent years, gradually entered the real estate enterprise human resources management system, more and more companies are realizing that the necessity of informationization, modernized reform, eager to participate. Because of this, the elaborating attendance platform also got popularity. Fine attendance has two basic functions: one is the original record, such as employee attendance, absence and holidays provide the basis for employee discipline and so on; The second is to provide support for compensation management module. Compared with the traditional extensive attendance management, fine attendance management advantage lies in the whole process for employees' attendance record in detail, and able to maintain related information, through the calculation and the examination and approval of check on work attendance, produce the corresponding statistical information, so as to realize the comprehensive and systematic management of the employees. Under the new situation, the human resources management level has become each enterprise comprehensive strength of the concrete measure, and attendance as the focus of the management work, strengthen the fine management is imperative. Human resource factor is the impact of real estate project one of the most active factors in the construction of a number of factors, human resources management level directly affect the engineering quality, progress and cost of the project. Contemporary social environment, the real estate enterprise competition is fierce, the traditional extensive human resources management pattern already can't meet the demand of enterprise development, to a large extent hindered the further development of enterprises. And refines the concept is put forward, with its own specific and explicit advantages, will all the work carries out to the effect, find problems and solve the problem, improve problem solving efficiency.
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