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Fine attendance machine analysis of the impact of real estate enterprises and employees

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
Management is a double-edged sword, managers in attendance management, enterprise culture, to provide staff with easy and simple hearts meet, corporate culture has gradually & other; Moistens everything silently & throughout; Magic, but through the perfect attendance management, collaboration will can inspire employees, members of the group consciousness. In particular, attendance impact on real estate enterprise staff is as follows: ( A) For employees at present, the influence of real estate enterprises of the attendance system is geared to the needs of all employees, attendance will be used as the basis for calculating the month salary, evaluation content and implement employee job performance rewards and punishment. Formulated by comprehensive administrative department is responsible for attendance management and supervision. Each department set up the punch machine, according to the actual situation record attendance, not false and omission, supervise and check their work situation. For situation assessment, such as late, leave early and holidays should have clear rules, employees can be implemented according to the specific requirements. But as a result of real estate sales, personnel is relatively dispersed, the headquarters is difficult, want to get job employee attendance data such as leave for examination and approval authority, type and time is not enough clear, note submitted not in time, etc. , directly affect the work of check on work attendance. For sales staff, they want to lead the customers to see, at any time to leave, too uniform attendance management, make the sales staff to take care of too many rules and regulations, in the work performed, easily distracted, discourage the sales staff to a great extent, affect the enterprise sales performance. Not only that, but also increases the enterprise staff liquidity. And in view of the logistics personnel, financial personnel, such employees generally in the form of office work. So the unified, standardized can realize the management of this kind of staff attendance management, reducing the occurrence of the phenomenon such as employee to be late, leave early. Only in the enterprises of our country real estate vanke, China shipping, real estate human resources management more perfect, other small and medium-sized real estate enterprises remains to be further improved. For employees, to enhance its self-discipline, and guide its set up correct work attitude, make employee wasn't content to lag behind, self-motivated. For employees to grow and promotion at the same time, the staff can work in accordance with the standards of their behaviour, improve the overall quality of employees. ( 2) Impact on enterprises' attendance is the main content of human resource management, staff has positive significance for specification, elaborating the implementation of the attendance management, especially to the staff, organizations and companies are the key role. For organization system, which is beneficial to construct the human resource management system. Attendance management is a kind of outside forces, people's behavior conforms to the enterprise standard and requirements, in the long term, employee behavior will follow, and with the passage of time, will the internalized to itself. Is part of the performance management, attendance management has positive meaning for a comprehensive and fair assessment. Staff is the enterprise active factor, has the characteristics such as initiative. Fine management to build a fair and competitive atmosphere for the employees, motivate staff enthusiasm, so as to give full play to their initiative in the enterprise. From the enterprise level, to strengthen the enterprise centripetal force, applicable to all employees, without exception, make every employee has a more entrepreneurial mindset. At the same time, the optimization of human resource management, the staff will play their own innovative thinking, make greater contribution for the enterprise. Any enterprise development requires human resources give enough support, only the development of the people, will have to ensure enterprise survival, on the other hand, the enterprise development, to provide a better platform for our employees, depend on each other and common development.
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