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Face recognition technology is widely applied to the gate line channel

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
It is understood that since the beginning of July, hangzhou the city more than 1000 hotels which comprehensively USES hangzhou noted, the witness one authentication system of science and technology, and in the registration system interconnection in gongshu district of hangzhou, covers 100% of hangzhou, high-end hotels, including the hyatt, shangri-la, WangHu hotel in the city, nus radisson hotel, JW marriott, sheraton and blue star hotel, such as the system is the integration of the intelligent terminal, hard and soft face recognition algorithm technical support offered by the morrow northwest of Beijing. When passengers into the hall at the front desk with the check-in, the system will automatically by the hd camera to register personnel as information collection, and provide certificate photos compare with passengers to identify personnel status, ensure the completion of rapid, efficient check-in registration certification, as well as permanent registration information and identification results, screening the registration information at any time convenient for the public security department, understand the personnel in and out of the situation. Face recognition has been widely applied in social security identity verification in addition to the above key security control scenario, face recognition witness syncretic system also has the broad scope, such as Internet cafes real-name management, examination examination and safety management work are references for reference. Which it is understood that the above mentioned noted, human unity of science and technology system is put into use in the more than 100 Internet cafes in hangzhou; And at present more personnel, judicial examination, and even the university entrance exam has will human face recognition technology unity as the main means of the examinee identity check, set up at the entrance of the examination site examinee identity inspection channels, scanning the examinee of the resident identity card, the scene pictures for face recognition, through the rear can into the examination room. In addition, for the temporary population pressure relief summit in the city, a lot of online travel and travel agency launched in July the pedestrian gate special line, encourage citizens to the pedestrian gate to other domestic provinces and cities and around the city during the outing. And facial recognition technology can also help reduce recount work pressure in tourist attractions. Set at scenic spots in and out of face recognition entrance guard, will face recognition entrance guard system docking with the ticketing system, complete face with the ticket information registration, and to set of visitors in and out of time, to ensure that tourists in the scenic spot ticket one people, convenient visitors easier for arrangement, also can effectively prevent scalpers scalping. The pedestrian gate summit for zhejiang province is a level not seen since the founding of the undertaking of the specifications of the international conference, and hangzhou as the business card of Chinese traditional culture and modern Internet economy new silicon valley is the only choice to pick the task. Facial recognition technology to work for summit security provides a strong guarantee, also to show the world the latest scientific and technological achievements of our country's modern security, along with the advancement of technology industrialization, face recognition will command radiation information, public security prevention and control, social management, law enforcement and supervision, a number of integrated services such as business systems, to assist the public security system play a greater effectiveness.
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