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Face recognition technology in access control attendance of how to apply?

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
Face recognition has been in our life has gradually used up, and get everyone's praise, it is the earliest application is also the most widely used in face recognition attendance, ding trillion technology today to explain to you how facial recognition technology in access control attendance application? The current used for access control and attendance of the environment is more than a light facial recognition technology, can be achieved in a variety of completely harmless to the human body's auxiliary light source under the condition of face recognition, support PC) System environment, the present algorithm can guarantee the recognition rate and recognition speed, course rate and false reject rate and so on each index of sex and ensure short face detection. In domestic at present, the application of face recognition technology has been by far the most typical case settled through facial recognition prison system access management: prison system for access control management has always been to be sure, but in the prison, such as a small society, including dormitory room, living quarters, work shop, clinic, teaching building, the brig, duty room, dining room, bathroom, playground, such as different areas, no matter how to prevent in place, along with the criminals who commit crime ability and pranks, pure with credit card, fingerprint identification approaches such as prison entrance guard system there is a big hidden trouble and holes, the prison had to spend a lot of manpower material resources to strengthen entrance guard management, including patrol guards, guards standing guard, video monitoring, etc. In existing prison management system such as card entrance guard and fingerprint access control on the basis of adding facial recognition access control solution, can effectively control identification in and out of the personnel's true identity, the possibility of prevention of prison break. Will face recognition entrance guard machine as a front-end intelligent identification device, the non-contact and automatic face to open the door, and other functions, so as to effectively prevent the loss of access control card, fake and pirated, truly dedicated to prevent is used, and so on and so forth; Face recognition entrance guard system has the function of living detection at the same time, can effectively prevent the fingerprint stolen, can eliminate the hidden trouble in security prison entrance guard system is generally, greater efforts to prevent the occurrence of prison break. Above is the face recognition application in access control attendance, the strong sex of face recognition. If you want to learn more about face recognition entrance guard system, can through the relevant contact methods for consultation on this site, we will provide you with the latest products solutions services, will sincerely provide you with the work face recognition entrance guard system choice.
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