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Face Recognition System to Secure Your Sensitive Area

by:Keyable     2020-06-06
It is not just necessity but it is must requirement. It doesn't need to say that what i am talking about. Setting up security. Today, attacks by terrorism organization happen more often. After you lost then 1 would be able to help, even police. But, according to me it is better to take prior steps to prevent. Today, there are plenty of security systems available for sale. They work on different technologies. Take different factors in concern to authenticate the sufferer. For example, log cards require scanning barcode to required access to any person and biometric access control require scanning of real human features like finger prints , eye retina , voice and face itself. They all have its own advantage and disadvantage. Copy these systems kitchens . varies as per the security level they provide. Biometric access control is the new technology which utilizes the factors like eye retina, finger prints, voice and signature. So family that wants to access the system require these factors being an authentication. Biometric access control require scanner to scan real human features and convert it to digital format that will be stored. I want go over Face recognition system and its advantages over others. It's very one type of system which is based on biometric technology. Face recognition system scans whole face of the people. It includes shapes of face, stains on face, distance between two eyes, distance between eye and nose, retina scan and others. Let me explain the benefits to face recognition system in detail in next paragraph. Whole face, itself is an advantage In movies, you'll have seen that the thief makes lenses and passes it and access the restricted thing or get entry in restricted region. This particular example, you might understand that only one parameter is not sufficient to give full security. It is better that takes full face into scan and concern a couple factor. Same can be the case in finger print scan. It can be performed to break the security. Again Face recognition has power. Speed of scan It is absolutely time consuming to scan the cornea. Put your eye against the procedure. It does require perfect placement of face. Suppose hundreds of persons authenticate themselves takes a lot effort. While face recognition system starts scan from the leading and prior to reach in the gate system opens it for families. In fact, today the systems can scan 100,000 faces per second. It is really good at door access control where thousands of pass through every work day. Maintenance free system Biometric Access Control will be one time cost system. Once you have installed then after you have to keep a simple data bank. You can add or remove authorized persons easily and without any cost. On other side, if you utilize identity card then you need to issue identity card each authorized company. It leads to more cost. Just threat of lost of identity business card. Automatic Continuous scanning Let me explain, what is it? In other systems, once authenticated, the door stays open for a short time. Through that time non restricted person will get entry. Suppose in finger print scanning system, once authorized person put finger door goes into business. After that two persons can get entry if it's quick. Same case isn't likely in face recognition course. The whole door area stays under full guarantee. If one has authenticated and opens the door, second person try enter in without authentication the system detects it and alarms the hazards. It means any person without authentication can't get entry. So, as i have stated that security is pick a where cost is not considerable. One time cost can hesitate to you but I am sure you will obtain the reward for sure. My suggestion is, always go for biometric access control most notably face recognition system. Hopefully after reading my article you contain clear picture in mind.
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