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Face recognition help the police solve crimes get twice the result with half the effort

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
Biometric market to expand, in a public place and place are likely to be equipped with hd camera, face recognition when we passed the facial information will be captured recognition, at the same time and compare the background database, verifying identity is suspected personnel, in order to assist the public security organs to solve the case. The current face recognition has been used in many monitoring and control system, and use effect is obvious. When someone after facial recognition monitoring system monitoring range, system can instantly read through facial information, than, after the completion of a blacklist automatically alarm prompt staff when the background mainly related to the preparation, the police can provide the information by face video analysis system, to arrest of suspects, which greatly improves the working efficiency, also not looking for a needle in a haystack of using artificial to look for clues. Using facial recognition technology to assist the case is no longer a stranger; Visitors to facial recognition technology as the core of face recognition system solution has been put into use; When used to punch attendance system has met face recognition, a new generation of face recognition entrance guard of check on work attendance has birthed, gradually put into use in various enterprises and institutions; When you take a phone self-time, figure beauty or change face to add various wacky exaggerated facial expressions, little imagine, this is what the application of face recognition & hellip; … Return to the topic, the application of face recognition can help us to maintain social order, whether in the import and export channels, airport, station, or in other places where the population is concentrated, face recognition is one of the most advantageous helper, through the information monitoring system, we can grasp the dynamics of the suspect and arrested, monitoring the video can also be used as a reference data playback analysis, help the further solve the case. At present domestic biometric industry solve few Fang An providers face recognition accuracy is relatively high precision is a handful, it is reported, yi sheng electronics is one of them, with industry leading face recognition and iris recognition technology, provide face video analysis system, the facial recognition visitor management system and so on many biometric solutions, and iris recognition attendance access control, facial recognition attendance access control, and facial recognition locks and other products. Guangzhou entrance guard install monitoring company pointed out that the biological recognition technology as a kind of effective means of authentication, after gained popularity in the future, in addition to the application of the above, maybe later we don't have to take id card to go out, this is the inevitable developing trend of intelligent.
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