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Face recognition entrance guard system for brush face time and went into the residential area

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
As the safe construction of city, society, more and more importance to strengthen the security of face recognition entrance guard system, however, appear very good solve the problem. What is meant by & other; Brush the face & throughout; 吗? In fact, life is not far from us: unit attendance, village entrance guard, station package, put the bank certification & hellip; … Much has been in use. As a network of new & other; Brush the face & throughout; Actually, said is a facial recognition technology. Face recognition is a kind of identity authentication based on the features of information of the biometric identification technology. Imagine, when your village brush face after the entrance guard system fitted with face recognition, hand-held weights you can't open the door, the door card lost or missing, the hand holding the baby can't open the door, the old password to remember Numbers or can't see clearly, how to do? At this moment if the door is used in face recognition, so long as brush face, then open the door is not very simple. Face recognition into the intelligence community, mainly to access control management of the village. System combining the facial recognition technology and entrance guard system, through the recognition of human face, Brush the face) As the key to the door open. It not only removes or forgot to take my key card, brush face at the same time because of face recognition entrance guard system without any media to open the door, and the cost of saving a lot, such as personnel changes do not need to change locks, keys, IC card, etc. , you just need to back to face to register; Brush face entrance guard system also can be set up according to the discrepancy condition access permissions, including different time, different access points, etc. With the rapid development of social economy, the living environment of comfort and security has become a people preferred to live. The entrance guard system plays an important role in safe living environment get more and more attention. At present domestic entrance guard system with card, fingerprint device, or such equipment password is given priority to. These way are required to identify personnel close operation, when users hands occupied is extremely convenient, but also bring the card or the password lost, forgotten, replication and stolen hidden trouble and the problem of high cost. And fingerprint identification, have been hit online fingerprint set of cracked & other; Password & throughout; , more let a person feel insecure. And brush face entrance guard system, solved the real residents into and out of management, and their visitors.
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