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Face recognition entrance guard on the tall, still can't replace card entrance guard

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
In American movies, agents in and out of the important place, as long as together will face up to a brush to the door is open. This technology has been used in our daily life, we have learned, there's a new yangzhou plot introduced a facial recognition system, the owner & other Brush the face & throughout; To the door, there are fears that a big thick makeup is cannot enter & hellip; … Actually, yangzhou this village is not the first to eat crab, as far back as 2012 nanjing residential area with a face recognition system, modern express the reporter discovers after visit, however, after the novelty, brush face in and out of the owner is not much, mostly or credit card. New residential installation & other; Brush the face & throughout; Facial recognition systems have been installed entrance guard reported that village is located in yangzhou city in the west, is a new area has not been fully delivered. The village center of a controller introduces, facial recognition system is the introduction of the new district of smart home system, a project at present, the project has not yet fully in place, only to show exhibit an iron gate first installed the facial recognition system. “ Now is only temporary, the later must be installed in a small area of the main entrances and exits, is the area of the gate. ” The head is introduced. In the home, also is so, owners of the community must first & other Brush the face & throughout; To open the gate to enter. Together face up to a sweeping, doors were opened yesterday afternoon, modern express reporter at the scene to see, facial recognition system is installed at the side of the village gates high of 1. Above 5 meters or so, the walls of the screen there is a round hole. Village, the small hole is facial image camera collection owner, the owner, after be being entered management will collect their facial image information first, and then enter the background, to establish a basic database, & other; Owner that take the door, camera images taken with the database image matching and the door will open. ” Community workers live demonstration & other; Brush the face & throughout; That take the door, first press the unlock button on the screen, then together will face up to a sweeping, push again, iron is automatically opened, and less than 3 seconds. “ The range of cameras also is bigger, basically stand in same area, can be collected. ” The staff is introduced. When did not advance facial information collected journalists gather together up & other; Brush the face & throughout; Immediately, the screen prompt & other; Unable to identify & throughout; 。 Face is swollen or heavy make-up, will be in the room? Look, & other; Brush the face & throughout; Really good that take the door, but someone ask, one thousand - is taken when the owner to collect information, back to the village on the thick make-up or facial injury will be rejected? To this, the village head of explanation, in fact, & other; Brush the face & throughout; Is only one owner in the door way. The entrance guard system besides can through facial recognition into, also equipped with password and entrance card to owner. In addition, according to the controller introduces, the facial recognition system of face recognition has a certain range, as long as the facial injury are not particularly serious, or makeup is not particularly thick, in and out of the neighborhood are not impeded. “ Really not line, also can turn to the manager for help. ” The officials say. After the novelty the owner or choose a credit card as we have learned, face recognition started in 2002 in the global use of step by step. In nanjing, there are many enterprises use to the system. In hexi baguio, garden, the east gate of the village ii is set with a face recognition system, the owner as long as the prior input your avatar, in and out of the village, after can don't swipe, brush a face. It is understood that in 2012, the village has installed the system. Modern express the reporter had to baguio, garden district visits found that this system and general entrance guard doesn't make too much difference in appearance, is to have a camera, and a new computer equipment. Community security is introduced, the owner has already lost the freshness, brush face in and out is not much, mostly or credit card in and out, unless you forgot to take my card, to brush a face.
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