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Face attendance machine realize the cloud management, allows you to manage enterprise more easily

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
Throughout this is a golden age, time is the most precious wealth, for enterprise HR and boss, grasp the efficiency of enterprise is the lifeblood of development. As a foundational construction of enterprise management, attendance management efficiency has a critical influence. In the modern Internet society, the traditional clock way already can not meet the requirements of enterprise comprehensive development, but the influence of age can always, creation of new services and products, many face attendance machine was born, has brought the modernized attendance management for the enterprise new opportunities. Here we face cloud attendance are introduced to the more innovative concept, face attendance machine is based on cloud system of check on work attendance, to face the intelligent way of check on work attendance, compares through the facial recognition to achieve the objective of the attendance clock, with the development of face recognition technology and mature and widely used in all walks of life. In face recognition under the action of attendance machine, greatly improve the efficiency of attendance at the same time, to further improve the anti-cheating effect get, new way of data management and networking also greatly improve the efficiency of the different branch of attendance management, so face recognition cloud attendance various advantage more let the enterprise HR and the boss is keen to capture the advent of the era of the Internet cloud attendance. Attendance machine QY - to the attendance machine's face 302 b, for example, set free software installation, Web management, online WeChat query for examination and approval, unified management and remote monitoring, and other advantages of check on work attendance at a suit, on the basis of the cloud remote uniform platform of check on work attendance, attendance for the unified management of branch chain and provides the perfect solution of the United States. In a cloud widely accepted by companies and recognition of check on work attendance, under the trend of the cloud attendance attendance machine also with facial features of a face more uniqueness, the cloud management easier, more intelligent features into the enterprise HR, and in the line of sight of the boss. As long as open a computer web pages can be branch staff attendance management, all over the country do not need to install the software, don't worry about the computer system problems affect or interrupt attendance management, as long as the plug in, even on the network can manage anytime and anywhere, face recognition attendance machine QY - 302 b, simple and convenient operation can say from a lot of trouble for the enterprise. And, more importantly, it can realize the unified management of the branch of a long distance overseas offices or distribution throughout the country each branch, chain stores or factory workers, can at the moment of brush face clock, upload the data to the main system, that is to say, boss or HR can obtain all employees' attendance data, at the same time and convenient management of anytime and anywhere. Another 200 amount of face recognition is also very suitable for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises a quantity. 1, in fact, not only the layout of the country's big companies can use cloud attendance face attendance machine to improve the efficiency of management, small and medium-sized enterprises relying on the advantage of cloud attendance also can let the enterprise management to the next level. In data security, E-mail, QQ, baidu cloud and other products has been fully proved that the popularity of cloud storage and reliable, wing network co. , LTD. Guangdong cloud services are provided by their own room server services, 13 years of experience in server operating, so no worries cloud attendance data security processing.
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