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Face attendance is not matter, weight attendance have heard of it?

by:Keyable     2020-06-19
The reporter had chased the apostles walkers 'in Hong Kong dramas, multiple occurrences of intelligence & other; Brush the face & throughout; The basic features, then can only comfort myself: don't envy, on TV! But, you know guangzhou early brush punch in the face of it, some enterprises that what manually signed in, according to the fingerprint, computer clock in, are too weak! However, guangzhou still company weighed clock! The attendance more than two years hotel has brush face to face in front of the punch machine, wait for 4 seconds, punch machine shows a clock face, and speech clock in one name, punching success & hellip; … In this scene, every day a hotel in mudu. In the hundreds of units, and other Brush the face & throughout; The term refers to not play & other; Mix a familiar face good things & throughout; , but a long-term way of clock. Recently, the reporter to contact the relevant person in charge of the hotel, for & other; On the tall & throughout; Brush face clock way, she is very calmly said: & other; We have more than two years, everybody used to it. ” According to introducing, brush face punch punch machine telephone landline a similar size, is mounted on the wall of the more than a metre high, punch machine with digital imaging screen and keyboard, a built-in camera. “ Our company has a total of two sets of this machine, actually upgrade cost is not big, and IT departments can direct maintenance. Eventually statistics attendance system is automatic, convenient & throughout; 。 Long blain, a very light make-up is able to identify the reporter understands, at present there are many companies in guangzhou is a brush face of punch. The brush clock has been more than a year in the face of a bank, and other We will first collect the facial information such as the eyes, nose, mouth, summary after input system. ” But the bank a female staff also said that if change a bang, is very difficult system, so women are punched, bang & other; Lift & throughout; Go up. “ But a long blain blain, a light make-up, for example, as long as it's not too exaggerated, is able to identify. ” “ Have colleagues joke, brush fingerprint puncher can be a finger, the brush face clock can take a picture? Of course you can't. ” The reporter understands, brush face clock in attendance machine collection of pixels is stereo, basically can prevent cheating. Clock in and weighed more exotic flower & other; My colleague friend work in Japanese companies, before they turned out to be weighed clock! ” Yesterday, the wire & other; If a shallow artless villages throughout the &; Told reporters. Weigh the clock? ! It was too old to learn never too old, if the weight can not go to work? “ We all call the attendance machine & lsquo; Weight door & rsquo; , as long as the weight change in more than a certain number, the system can't identify, will be shut the door, need to find another colleague to collect. ” Mr Zhu, who used to work in the company, according to him, & other; Throughout the door & weight; Rules can fluctuate from 30 jins weight data. The reporter understands, using weight of clock in the company was originally a day endowment enterprise, guangzhou branch address near the mountain. “ But was later bought, still use this clock in system. ” Mr Zhu said.
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