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'Face' age facial recognition technology 'big loved,

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Because of the increase in bank for security requirements facial recognition technology more and more attention by Banks and other financial institutions, Banks have layout facial recognition technology. In this and other See the face & throughout; Time, face recognition technology has become more and more popular. Pay policy power faces in May 2015, the People's Bank of China issued 'on the remote banking financial institutions to open renminbi accounts guidance ( Draft) ', which was officially clear & other; Counter supplemented + remote & throughout; The principle, opened the window to face recognition application. Released recently, the central bank's emergency personal bank account classification standard management rules, the notice of class II and III account opening, alteration, cancellation, personal information verification method, video, and facial recognition technology and the use function of different accounts and restrictions and so on has made the detailed provisions, in principle is suggested to use the two types of user account for network payment and mobile payment business, at the same time encourage Banks to carry out simulation based on host card ( HCE) , mobile phone security unit ( SE) , pay tag ( 标记) Technologies such as mobile payment business. Remote account opening process validation method for face recognition and other technology and equipment related parties. According to the notification rules of conditional bank can through video or a safe and effective technique means such as face recognition as a means of auxiliary verify personally identifiable information. Face recognition in the domestic financial industry application history in 2015, Mr Ma using facial recognition technology in Germany, just holding a cell phone against his face scanning, in just a few seconds, from taobao bought a hannover 1948 commemorative stamps. Ma & other; Brush face payment & throughout; Success not only shows the global innovation ability of Chinese Internet companies, as well as the mobile payment technology competition directly upgrade to & other; Brush face throughout time &; 。 In May 2015, jiangsu bank first in the country will face recognition is used for direct bank client authentication system, when the customer registered its direct selling electronic bank account, only need according to the system prompt, the certification page on the mobile phone screen display of the frame & other; Nodded & throughout; “ Zhang mouth & throughout; After set, can complete registration certification. And in early 2016, bank of jiangsu will face recognition technology to further popularized in the whole scope, the official opening of all physical locations & other Brush the face & throughout; Technology, mainly used for auxiliary account opening, networking verification, portrait, breakthrough steps in face recognition applications. In November 2016, China merchants bank & other; Handheld throughout life &; App also launched the facial recognition, face recognition function is only applied in the part of the function, users of handheld life soon able to login by face recognition, quota management, audit reimbursement, etc. Face recognition technology known as & other; LTD & throughout; Hikvision through years of concentrated research and development, has successfully launched a face captured the comparison system, face retrieval system, after the video retrieval system ( Face) And a series of application system based on the technology of face recognition. The system is mainly used with independent intellectual property rights of face detection algorithm, human face tracking algorithm, face quality grading algorithm and face recognition algorithms; Is dedicated to monitoring, screening, retrieval system, video analysis, motion tracking, face detection and recognition technology in the new comprehensive application in the field of security. As a company in the industrialization of face recognition, kuang depending on science and technology of the President has said & other; Speech recognition help equipment to solve the problem to understand human language, visual information help equipment to solve the problem understand people, and in all the visual information, face is the largest amount of information, information is most valuable. ” Kuang apparent in 2015 introduced a financial level FaceID Internet authentication service, to the main application online mobile remote identity authentication, the authentication face recognition in the scene to do is to end users face 1:1 ratio and documentation. Mobile application developer SDK FaceID authentication system can be integrated into its own Android or iOS, authorized users in the process of using the program to open camera photo upload documents, the system will be through the OCR recognition technology and face recognition technology to extract the certificate information and compare the face photos, fast and safely help users complete face login, electronic accounts, loan application, retrieve password, and other functions. Depth study of thriving directly promoted the rapid development of face recognition technology, face recognition in the field of security monitoring technology companies increasingly fierce competition, the ingenious methods. Deep green pixel dynamic instantaneous distribution of patent technology, the pupil instantly to upgrade the local image pixels above one hundred times, the overall picture can reach two hundred million equivalent pixel, show clear within 50 meters can recognize faces, see whole body characteristics within 100 meters, 200 meters within the vehicle information. In addition to support their own face and vehicle identification system, provide the overall solution, pupil eye camera is compatible with the mainstream of third party face recognition and vehicle identification system. Summary: in recent years, face recognition technology spread also suggests that many companies have high hopes for its market. As Banks and other Darling & throughout; , facial recognition technology in enhancing the working efficiency of the traditional as well as ensure the safety. But face recognition also has its own constraints: the change of light conditions, the different camera position, mask/sunglasses and other attached objects will have an impact the results of face recognition. So different application scenarios still need different biological recognition technology for support.
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