Error Analysis of Chengdu Generic Cabling System

by:Keyable     2021-08-02
Error analysis of Chengdu cabling system. Network cabling is a very tedious task. At present, there is a common phenomenon of lack of relevant knowledge and experience in this work. Follow Ming Yang to learn about the common error analysis of Chengdu cabling. 1. The network cable is close to the interference source     In the real environment, it is not only the wire that can cause interference to the data line. Fluorescent lamps for lighting, motors, and related equipment that can generate electric or magnetic field interference can all have a serious impact on data transmission over the network cable. Therefore, when wiring, we need to ensure that the line is far away from the area where these interference sources are located, but not all cables can avoid interference sources, so it is necessary to use shielded cables to greatly reduce interference and protect The stability of information transmission Chengdu integrated wiring. 2. The 'twisted pair' (unshielded twisted pair) mode is used when the network cable and the weak current cable are in the same slot and the data cable is used for transmission. The magnetic field generated by the low voltage running through the wire is an important part of the communication chain. When the unshielded network cable is parallel to the wire, the problem of magnetic field interference will occur, which will cause a lot of repetition and garbled information in the transmitted data. In many cases, this will cause the failure of effective transmission between the two places, the transmission rate will drop rapidly, and the problem of repeated transmission will occur frequently, so the strong and weak currents need to be wired separately and placed in different trunkings. 3. The newly added lines have not been planned and organized. When we need to use the Ethernet switch in the network to handle the newly added lines, we need to plan and organize the newly added lines. This requires the careful and responsible maintenance of later Otherwise, there will be unmarked cables and chaotic management.
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