'Entrance guard' APP into the village: convenient behind security deposit

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Recently, some netizens received a & other; Property management center & throughout; The SMS, notify the APP install use property management platform. “ Hello, han mei owner will start the property management platform, this area after notification to convey through the platform, please install the APP owner: Lao * * * *. Com property management center. ” Because the text of consistent with their own name, the net friend, click the link to download the & other; Property management & throughout; APP, but found that cell phones & other; Poisoning & throughout; . ( Graph: tencent phone housekeeping killing suspected fraud SMS) The Internet phone is poisoning, because in & other; A scam & throughout; Download and install the virus APP, not careful. For this scam, tencent stewards mobile security experts Yang Qibo analysis, criminals in the name of the property management center, first to owner to promote virus software, such as the user after installation, click on the link to cash. “ Property management & throughout; APP, the risk is that contain called & other; 一个。 隐私。 emial。 d” Virus, the virus starts to intercept the user message, and sent to the specified number, let the cat out of the message in the account or password private information, such as mobile phone security threat. ( Graph: tencent phone housekeeper identify risks url, killing virus APP) Internet era, everyone to & other; Smart home & throughout; Is no longer strange. As long as in the condition of network, intelligent terminal users can open the door, Windows, etc. At present, major cities housing has been introduced, a technology for residential property management class APP, to provide users with open access, pay property management fees, pay bills, convenient service, even to buy fruit and vegetables to build wisdom, safe life paradise. Need to pay attention to is, in addition to property management class APP may encounter a Trojan virus & other; Hijack & throughout; , owners worry more about the problem is that the third party software companies involved in the community property management, may cause the user personal information leakage. , Mr Owner-occupied housing revealed a district of chengdu, he lived in village since mid-november, use a named & other; At ease point & throughout; Mobile phone software to provide & other Opened & throughout; “ Switch off & throughout; Function, confirm the in and out of the car park. “ Property management at the time of register, not only need the vehicle information, but also provide a phone number, house number and other information. We are very worry about personal information was leaked. ” It is understood that some property management market class APP when installation, also need to get mobile phone privileges, punctuate the users' concerns. If you worry about personal information leakage, the owner can continue to use the entrance card. But for the sake of convenient in and out of the installed APP household is not in the minority. For them, how to avoid the risk of property management class APP? Tencent stewards mobile security experts Yang Qibo advice, the best will be subject to regular qr code released by the property management center, at the same time download tencent stewards mobile security software, such as text of fraud risk identification to intercept. When the user clicks on the unsafe site in SMS, tencent phone housekeeper will automatically scan recognition, and pop up risk alert, prevent users continue to access the risk and subsequent download the installation operation.
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