Entrance guard all-in-one network, multiple technical opening guangzhou new era

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
With the high-speed development of economy, people become more and more high to the requirement of science and technology in the service of life, the security industry has achieved rapid development. Based on a variety of modern information science and technology dimension is product, has become an important protective barriers of social security environment. Guangzhou played an important role in the construction of the security door machine, but what is the entrance guard all-in-one in guangzhou? Generally speaking, the entrance guard system in guangzhou by the entrance guard controller, card reader, push button ( Emergency button) , electric control lock, CARDS, and other components of the magnetic door, installation of a system is relatively complicated, after the entrance guard system is gradually entering the MinYongHua market, users are more facilitation to the requirement of entrance guard system, flexible operation. On the demand for a simple type of entrance guard control all-in-one, entrance guard control all-in-one actually is a miniature of the professional entrance guard system is one of the most complete, the identification of a front-end and back-end control equipment integrated into a device, users only need to connect the device can be put into use immediately, this architecture is recognized in the market soon. Guangzhou general door machine is to integrate the entrance guard controller and the card reader at an organic whole, from guangzhou door machine communication methods can be divided into connected and not connected to the Internet, networking type can be divided into RS - again 485 and TCP/IP. Guangzhou door machine can realize the automation of entrance guard management, at the same time can also have attendance module, access control attendance double functions, and seamless connection with IC card system. With the continuous development of technology, the development of guangzhou entrance guard all-in-one incorporates a variety of biological technology, biological type and guangzhou door machine through a way to identify the in and out of the body's own biological characteristics, fingerprints, palm, iris, face recognition, and the finger vein type recognition, etc. , these biological recognition technology from the perspective of recognition security is extremely good, do not need to carry the card, is very convenient, more get the favour of the market. In guangzhou development of entrance guard of access control all-in-one product has existed for a long time, has been in our living environment, it as a personal property safety of the first line of defense, are essentials of life and work. From the early a lock, a bunch of keys, such as a door mechanical product development to today's modern access control products, network, integration, intelligence has experienced dental laboratories, technology innovation. Today's a product of access control products have been from pure developed into the system as a whole. The most traditional of entrance guard system consists of entrance guard controller, access control card reader, induction card, access control software, and other equipment to build into a set of perfect entrance guard system, maximizes the safety and effectiveness of, and with the people for convenient installation requirements, operation integration, appearance to visualize, should be to this requirement, developed a set of integrated access control products, namely guangzhou entrance guard all-in-one. Guangzhou entrance guard all-in-one development so far is already a mature product, also the original entrance guard in guangzhou is all-in-one card all-in-one PC, with a magnetic card swipe after control locks, magnetic card and prone to mechanical wear between devices, and credit card mouth vulnerable to damage, safety and reliability is limited. Along with the globalization of information and services, social information carrier for portability, security, and easy to use put forward higher request, to be contact type IC card inductive solved the problems of guangzhou door machine, induction of guangzhou entrance guard all-in-one without mechanical wear, easy to maintain, easy to use. But today, with the use of biometric technology rapid development, and constantly into many application areas, the entrance guard, building monitoring and computer, networking has been widely used. Due to the human body characteristics inherent in the unrepeatable uniqueness, this key organism could not be copied, stolen or forgotten. And common password, IC card, bar code, magnetic card, or key is there is lost, forgotten, replication, and stolen many disadvantage factors. Guangzhou entrance guard all-in-one causing biological type, such as fingerprint, palmprint, refers to the vein, iris and other high-tech products become the new entrance guard all-in-one family members. Guangzhou technology development no matter in what way the management of access control all-in-one entrance guard system, all have a common goal, is needs to have the system security, stability, simplicity. Guangzhou door machine and computer communication way is divided into independent model entrance guard system and networking entrance guard system. Independent model access control machine can't and computer communication, through the machine set access permissions Settings. The price is cheaper, decorate personnel can be installed without computer knowledge, but usually need to set up of equipment running, equipment is more not easy operating, maintenance difficulties. Entrance guard can carry on the communication and computer networking type, by means of the entrance guard management software installed on the computer for equipment management, convenient operating personnel to read and download information, at the same time management for equipment, convenient information and equipment maintenance. Now spread all over, the network technology in the commercial residential markets, such as office space, business center, enterprise unit and so on, all have the network environment, these places usually choose TCPIP network entrance guard all-in-one of guangzhou. Network access control machine more high-speed communication speed, more stable communication quality and stronger ability to scale, makes equipment of using TCP/IP network transmission can ensure system of high speed, stable operation.
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