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Entrance Glass Turnstile, Swing Turnstile Barrier Gate Supplier

Entrance Glass Turnstile, Swing Turnstile Barrier Gate Supplier
office rfid card entrance access control barrier gate

Material: 304 stainless steel

Dimension: 1200L)*200(W)*980(H)mm

Power input: 110V~240V

Motor: 24V/40W DC motor, DC brushless motor with electromagnetic clutch optional

Working temperature: -10°C~70°C

Working humidity: <95%, no condensation

Working voltage: DC24V

Swing extend: standard 600mm, option 650~800mm.

Pass rate: 35 people/minute in RFID reading mode

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The swing barrier gate is an intelligent control device for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage. The swing barrier gate is a part of the entrance management system, combined with computer and access control system, attendance system, ticketing system, which can realize various of functions for different scope. Advantage of swing gate is the channel width can be extend easily, support motor bike bicycle and wheelchair pass.


KB1261 is the basic version of optical swing barrier gate, swing barrier and the chassis apron material is transparent acrylic, elegant and safety.


RFID, QR code, Facial, Fingerprint,ESD tester and other reading method integrated Channel width


The flap barrier gate is an intelligent control device for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage.


◆ Start up self-test function, automatic recovery in locked state
◆ Direction adjustable, one-way traffic, bi-direction traffic
◆ Fast pass speed for large flow of people
◆ Multiple pairs of IR sensor, make a logical judgment on the behavior of pedestrians, realize anti-pinch, tail alarm, reverse pass alarm, illegal enter alarm function
◆ While swing blocked, swing rollback automatically(for brushless motor option only)
◆ Channel free pass in emergency situation
◆ Reserved standard IO interface for third-party access control system
◆ LED indication to prompt passway status
◆ Built-in motherboard with counting function
◆Pass-throught memory function: when more then two legal verification, the system will remember all the traffic requests and complete each traffic action in turn


Direction control

A: IN&OUT authorization
B: IN authorization, Out for free
C: IN authorization only


Reading method

A: RFID    B: Face    C: QR code    D: Fingerprint
E: ESD     F: token RFID card     G: token coin


Metro, BRT, factory, school, tourist attractions, gym, swimming pool, club, etc..

Access control system

A: We provided    B: Your own

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