Empirical analysis of integrated wiring

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
Empirical analysis of integrated wiring 1. Clear requirements and methods 2. Master environmental information In order to protect the indoor environment, a cable trough must be installed in the room, and the cables must be placed in the cable trough. All cables need to be drilled into the room and through the floor, and all cables are routed. Chengdu integrated wiring must be horizontal and vertical. 3. Differentiate different media to ensure the performance of communication media, and put forward different construction requirements according to the characteristics of media materials. There are many kinds of communication media in computer network systems, and the construction requirements of different communication media are different. Chengdu integrated wiring is as follows: twisted pair a. The twisted-pair cable should be routed in the cable trough in the corridor and indoor, and should be routed straight. Chengdu integrated wiring; b. The longest twisted-pair distance from the workstation to the Hub is 100 meters, and the twisted-pair connector can be used to lengthen the connection over 100 meters; c. Twisted-pair cables should be bundled into bundles in the machine room, and the routing should have certain rules and should not be placed randomly; d. The two ends of the twisted-pair cable should be marked with numbers to facilitate the understanding of the corresponding relationship between the node and the Hub interface. e. The twisted pair cable should be firmly inserted into the network card of the Hub and the workstation; f. When the node is not in use, it is not necessary to unplug the twisted pair, it does not affect the work of other nodes; g. Twisted-pair cables are generally not allowed to be installed outdoors, and when a small part of them are installed outdoors, the parts installed outdoors should be equipped with sleeves; h. Choose eight-core twisted-pair cables. When installing connectors by yourself, all eight cables should be installed. Don't just install four cables and cut off the other four cables.
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